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    Re-barrel dilemma

    The 26 Nosler and 375 H&H are my two main "big game" hunting cartridges. The 375 is mainly DG and the 26 Nosler gets used for most everything else. The 26 Nosler has been very accurate, very comfortable to shoot with no muzzle break and very effective across a wide range of game. Barrels are a...
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    6.5 Weatherby RPM -- 127 or 140

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!
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    6.5 Weatherby RPM -- 127 or 140

    Thanks. I agree that the 127 LRX is a great hunting bullet. I haven't been able to get it to group well with my 26 Nosler, but I'm hoping the RPM will be different.
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    Spartan/Javelin bipods

    Mark: exactly! Both the bipod and tripod can be deployed in an instant. -- I keep the bipod in a case on my belt. I have used the bipod for precision hunting on very wary game (e.g., croc and hippo) requiring extremely precise shots. The bipod worked brilliantly.
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    6.5 Creedmor or 6.5 PRC? Budget Rifle & Scope Recommendations?

    If you're on a budget, then CM. The CM is also really accurate--even with good factory ammo.
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    Spartan/Javelin bipods

    I am surprised and disappointed to hear this. My experience with them has been consistently excellent. I have their carbon fiber bipod and tripod along with various adapters and other parts. Everything purchased directly from them. The owners have always been super helpful via email. They have...
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    Spartan/Javelin bipods

    I have their bipod and have brought it on every hunt in recent years. Also have their tripod which is also very nice. The owners are super helpful and responsive.
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    Desert Tech SRS Review

    Nice review. Custom barrels are available for this platform too.
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    6.5 Weatherby RPM -- 127 or 140

    Just received a new barrel for my Blaser R8 in 6.5 Weatherby RPM. For those who already have experience with this round, which factory ammo do you like better -- the 127 Barnes or the 140 Hornady, especially in terms of accuracy? Thanks.
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    6.5 something

    My thoughts as well. I have used the 26 Nosler extensively over the past 4 years. Very good results on a variety of game. No belt and the capacity you're looking for. Also have a new barrel in 6.5 RPM. The RPM is a nice round with a little less capacity that is also beltless. The 6.5-300 adds...
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    3,570 fps with 150 gr bullet

    UE, thanks for posting. Very interesting.
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    Teach me about overbore cartridges

    Looks like no .264 WM made by Blaser for the R8. Price for a custom would be about the same and one could get the exact length, twist, threads, flutes/no flutes, etc.
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    Teach me about overbore cartridges

    Have you considered the 270 WSM as an alternative to the 270 Weatherby?
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    Teach me about overbore cartridges

    This is a useful trip into the weeds. How barrels get used has a lot to do with how long they last.