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    REM 700 .223 bolt

    I have one I would let go for 180.
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    20 inch 22-250 barrel

    Picture says Savage model 12.
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    IOR Bucuresti 9-36x44

    Cash price? More information about what kind of trade your looking for?
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    Classic Bolt Action Rifles.... what is your vote?

    I'm have always liked the looks of the red butt pad tang safety Ruger M77's.
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    Savage pre-fit chamber depth

    Thanks for the great information guys.
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    Savage pre-fit chamber depth

    So the company that made my barrel has made two barrels out of spec. Thanks
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    Savage pre-fit chamber depth

    How do you know how deep to ream the chamber when making a pre-fit for a Savage? The reason I ask is I ordered a pre-fit barrel and it failed to head space. The nose of the bolt was hitting the end of the barrel before the gauge would contact the datum point in the chamber. When I finally...
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    bushnell fusion one mile arc

    I have a pair of the older red led ones 10x50 that work great till you try to use them in really bright conditions such as over snow on a sunny day. It still ranges fine but the display washes out. It also has no provision for mounting to a tripod which would be nice but isn't necessary. I...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Rifle Supressor that would fit 7mm rem mag

    Sniper's Hide - Long Range Shooting, Precision Marksmanship, Gear Testing & Reviews - Scout Front Page
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Rem 700 SS L/A Mag Bolt

    Sold send me your paypal info.
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    Angeles and Outlaws chuck shoot, Idaho

    I will be there.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Withdrawn, No longer for sale.

    Re: WTS/WTT: Savage 338 Edge Barrel Package How much for just the barrel?
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    La Rue quick detach mounts for extreme long range shooting?

    Unless you already have the mount I would say don't risk it and get some good quality rings. Eliminates one potential variable from the equation. Just my 2 cents.