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    Swampfox Optics Kingslayer reflex sight with Green circle dot- First look

    First look and thoughts of the Kingslayer green circle dot reflex sight..... For under $200, it seems to be pretty nice option. [video=youtube_share;5Q2Qtfex80A] If you would like to support the channel while saving 20%, feel free to use the "SARGE20" Promo code and affilaited link...
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    Vortex Recon 10x50 R/T Spotting Scope Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    "Enter Me In The Vortex/Cameraland Contest". thanks, mdewitt71
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    Vortex Viper 4-12x40 Scope Review By Troy Adams

    Good review....I found it on a google search and since I am already a member here had to read this thread too. I like Vortex, I have had no issues with being able to contact them thru email or phone call ever. Good solid products and seem to be great people. I will be buying a Viper 4-12x40...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED For sale Mini-14 Tapco Collapsable Stock and Xtras.

    All you see here. Stock Foregrip Extra pistol grip Hogue Grip wrap All screws and metal brace included. Stock alone retails for over $100......will sell everything you see for $80 shipped to your door. Money Order ot Paypal.
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    Sweet, I am gonna go with the Natural Gear....just gonna leave my action and barrel stainless though. Thanks for posting a pic. gun)
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    Found this thread on a search.... I am looking to get my Tikka T3 stock either hydro dipped or duracoated. I like the Natural Gear camo just wondering if it would look really good with a Stainless Barrel as I dont want to camo the action/barrel. Any more pics????? gun)
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    Can't bed a Tikka T3 ????????????

    I actually have not even shot mine yet..........hoping to get out and get the scope dialed in this month. I got a Sims Limbsaver pad coming now for it.
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    Missouri Ranges 500 yards or over ??

    bump for an older thred................... Anymore places in Missouri that you can get out and shoot past 500 yards?
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    Can't bed a Tikka T3 ????????????

    Found this thread on a search......... I got a Tikka T3 lite in 300WSM, was thinking of having the action bedded (keep barrel floated) by a local gunsmith. Is it worth it in the shooting characteristics, Anything special I need to know before doing it?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED DNZ Dednutz Encore 1 piece Scope mount for sale- NEW

    PM sent, the email was returned to me............
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    SOLD/EXPIRED DNZ Dednutz Encore 1 piece Scope mount for sale- NEW

    Still for sale or trade for .223, 30-30, or .270 ammo of equal value.
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    New angle compensating Rangefinders...what ya got and how is it???

    I know some people don't buy into it or some don't think it is needed, I aint asking that..... I am looking to get a new Rangefinder and since I am going "New" I am gonna get one with the techlology. It will be used for both gun and bow. Here is my questions between these models: -Bushnell...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED SureFire M951 Universal Tactical 6V Flashlight

    May consider trades for the following: .223, 30-30, .270, or 300 WSM ammo 3.5" chamber shotgun Youth rifle Encore Barrel (plus $$ if needed).

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