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    264 Win Mag LR bullets

    Well said. Dance with the girl you took to the ball. When I rebarrel it will be 1in 8 or faster. Maybe one of those new Bartlien barrels of their new metal.
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    264 Win Mag LR bullets

    I"ve been through this. I have a Rem 700 Sendero. The bullet that did best for me was the 135 Berger Classic Hunter. I use RL 25 for 2975 fps and it has shot great to 1040 yds. I couldn't get anything else to stabilize. I don't push my rifles to the point where I get a hard bolt lift.
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    Burbon Tonight !

    You all are driving me to drink. Try Clyde Mays Alabama Style.
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    Wild West?

    If you lived close to a large city as I do you would already know it is just like the wild west.
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    Has the 30-06 died along with the .308 ???

    Every one should have an '06 in the cabinet.
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    7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

    I tried other bullets in this weight range and these shot the best. The RL26 has a lot to do with the performance. I use the 135 classics in my 264 Win and found nothing better for the twist of 1in9.
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    7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

    I found some RL26 to try out and am happy with the results. I have a stock SF1 Sendero. Using the Berger 168 Classic hunters and 77.0 gr of RL26 I was getting bugholes at 3275 fps. This might not compare to some of the custom builds, but I was only getting about the same velocity with 140 bts...
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    7mm STW Brotherhood - For those who shoot the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

    I found some RL26 and was looking for load data for 160 to180 bergers. What has anyone been loading? I have a SF1 Sendero so I like this weight range for my 1in 9.
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    ballistic meter, which one?

    I have both the 2700 & 5700 Elite. If your range is 800 yd max you will find the 2700 will work great and is much cheaper. It can only hold one rifle at a time but that does not mean you can't hold several in your phone and reprogram as needed. Mine has been very accurate to 800yd.
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    Powder for new 243 no varget

    In a 243 I've used IMR4350, shoots great. Used IMR7828, shoots great. I'm now using RL22 ,again shoots great. Some of the other powders mentioned like Hybrid 100V is one I would like to try along with RL23 & RL26. However it gets hard to fix what ain't broke and the thought of the extra barrel...
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    Berger VLD vs Hybrid

    Check your seating depth. Be certain your not into the lands.
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    On your side. Don't use Amazon either.
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    264 Win Mag RL26 Data/recommendations

    What is the twist of the old gun? Let us know how the 7977 works out. I couldn't get the EDLX's to stabilize with the powders I had on hand.
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    264 Win Mag RL26 Data/recommendations

    My Rem SF2 will push 120 BT's at 3250 with IMR 4350 , did not like Retumbo , not accurate with it. Temp sensitivity not an issue where I hunt. Just a little input as all guns are different.
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    264 Win Mag RL26 Data/recommendations

    I have a Rem SF2 with the same twist . The heaviest I found that would shoot well , under .25 , was the Berger Classic Hunter 135's. I used RL25 because I had it on hand. Not the fasted at 2985, but an ES of 8. A lot of people knock WW brass but it works well for me. I would like to try the RL26...

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