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    Picatinny crossbolt clamp

    Is there anywhere I can get a couple standard picatinny to picatinny cross bolt clamps ? I have a Burris Eliminator 3 mounted onto a Barrett M99 416. I over torqued one bolt, but would like a couple extra also. I am calling Burris, but 3 days on hold... ;) Until they reply, I'd like to get...
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    Range finder plus wind meter

    Thank you all for your suggestions about the Leica and Bino. I'll be deciding today. :)
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    Range finder plus wind meter

    Can anyone recommend a rangefinder + wind meter ? Budget is around $1500. I looked at the Sig Sauer 2400 ABS, but found it is not compatible with a wind meter (I looked at Kestrel 5700). I saw the Sig Sauer 2400 BDX does pair with a Kestrel, but it bothers me using my phone with the 3.5mm...