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    OK whats the S1 muzzle brake?

    Find Sam(S1) here: [ 07-14-2004: Message edited by: DigitalDan ]
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    Relationship between barrel's life and twist...

    Re: Relationship between barrel\'s life and twist... Barrel life would have very little to do with twist rate in either case. Barrel material, and to some degree the rifling configuration, as well as how hot your loads are will determine these things. Regardless or your path, you got a LOT of...
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    bearing surface & pressure

    I agree with db, the variables are many and in some cases complex. Comparing the Partition with the MK is apples and oranges. One has exposed lead on a flat base, the other a copper healed boat tail. Bearing length aside, you will get different levels of obturation, different...
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    Coyotes useing Guerilla tactics

    You could try baiting them near the scene of the crime. I agree about the Winchester...12 Ga and #4 buck.
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    Has our board been taken over by a flurry or newbie morons?

    FNG's go with the territory, they'll either learn or leave. Sometimes a solid kick in the head will clear their field of view and so the gospel will spread. Learn to live with it. I watched a not too different and repeated saga at ' wherein the site owner suffered great angst...
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    .22/And now for something completely different

    JJ, thanks for your sacrifice, and congrats on your return. Sounds like you have a fine shooting mag in your closet BTW. I shoot a lot of CB's and have one gun that will shoot 1/2" or sometimes less at 50 yds with the shorts. I have to guess that the range guy may have been teasing about...
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    .45-120 black powder cartirdge?

    I don't have personal experience with the cartridge but it is essentially a 45-70 plus 200-250 FPS at the muzzle. Recent article at VHA by a fellow that used one one a Speed goat at near 600 yards with success. You might want to shop a bit for your gun though. 12 CM ain't much of a group, and...
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    read this , it upset me

    I mentioned the not-to-long-ago world record 1000 yd here not too long ago. I left out the fact that the group of less than 1.5" was in fact the 3rd group for the shooter in that match. First was 9.something", then 4.oranother" before the record breaker was recorded. Sad to say, two out of three...
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    One of our own killed in Iraq

    Sad thing. My sympathy to his family.
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    .257 Roberts

    Bob works fine for grownups too, or so I've been told. Don't expect to grow up for another 30 years or so.
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    Longest recorded rifleshot ever?

    Kregg, nice shooting, welcome aboard! Had no problems with your site, but I'm not hard to please. Except of course when it comes to rifles and accuracy. BTW, who lost the coin toss to go verify the kill? Long hike...
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    Appropriate Forum

    Len, I think they're in the right place. I've not quite seen such a fine example of tricyclic precession as the second photo though. Maybe it should be in Barrels, Ballistics and Cooking Pots! ps: Nice shooting! [ 04-16-2004: Message edited by: MAX ]
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    Odd things we say

    Yeah, I screwed up once, but I never screwed down.?! If you pick your nose does it mean you're keeping your nose clean? Buckdeer, you a controller?
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    Building a 500 yards muzzleloader?

    Thanks! Good trade, nice work. Contact # or address? [ 04-13-2004: Message edited by: MAX ]
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    Building a 500 yards muzzleloader?

    Who would your Mentor be Mr. Huntinfool? does he still build ML's?

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