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    New Oklahoma Member

    Hello all! I mainly hunt white tail, coyotes and hogs but have recently got into NRL22. I am excited to be apart of this community and try to learn something new.
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    Need help to decided on ar 15 caliber

    I run a 6.8SPC and my wife runs a 6.5 Grendel. Both have had zero problems with taking down hogs!
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    Best .22lr can rated for .17 hornet?

    I second the Sparrow, it’s a great suppressor!
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    TBAC ultra 7 Gen II vs EA Lux

    I dont have any experience with the Lux but I do have a TBAC ultra 7 and it is an amazing suppressor! My only complaint I guess I would have is that the Thunder Beast brakes and flash hiders are a little pricey if you want to run one suppressor on multiple guns.
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    Vudoo Rifles

    I didn’t seem to find a thread about Vudoos. I am expecting mine in about 2 weeks, does any one have any tips or tricks for break in or anything I need to be aware of? Thanks in advance!
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    List of replacement rimfire rifle triggers / kit

    I have a Kidd 2 stage set to 8oz/8oz and it is amazing!