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    6.5 156 EOL

    I have tested H1000, Retumbo and RL26 in my 6.5 Addiction (6.5x55 improved) with a 7.5T 26" Bartlein and all three ran around 3,000 fps. I'm sweating on getting my new (replacement) long action rifle up and running to shoot the 156 EOL and 150 SMK.
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    Barrel contour

    I'm running a modified Bartlein 3B contour, and I like like it so much that I just ordered three more. Sporter Barrel Contours BARTLEIN BARRELS SPORTER BARREL CONTOURS Descriptions A B C D E F Wght 3“B” modified Lt. Bull Sporter 1.200 5.000 8.250 0.900 26″ 0.750
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    6.5x280 AI vs 280AI powder charges

    How did you go with this bullet?
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    6.5 Sherman la

    Have you shot Berger's 156 gr EOL with Retubo in your 6.5 Sherman? If so, what speeds are you seeing? Thanks.
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    6.5 156 EOL

    I recently shot five 156 gr rounds in my 6.5 Addiction (6.5x55 improved, which I understand has a similar and maybe a touch more capacity than the 6.5-284), 26" 1:7.5 twist Bartlein barrel: 4831 / 2213 Powder Charge (gr) Velocity Velocity Comment 52.0 2,970 2,986 Very light bolt...
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    I now group all my chrono data into three categories: clean and cold, dirty and cold, and dirty and warm. Dirty = fouled. This approach helps me to better understand my data and apply it in the field.
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    Help me knock out a new build

    I have a Vector attached to some nice gear, and I am very happy with it. Matt, we have the same problem here in Australia, anything out of the box is super expensive and takes forever to get delivered and built. My barrel is currently chambered in 6.5 Addiction (6.5x55 improved) and the...
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    6.5 SS (Sherman Shortmag)

    Rich, just confirming your 6.5 SS reamer with say a 140 gr Berger Target Hybrid will have a COAL less than 2.95", for feeding from a short action magazine? And presuming that is so, any idea of size the jump to the lands? Thanks.
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    Thanks. For me, the powder would be H1000 or Retumbo. I don’t mind the idea of speed being lower, but I wonder what the powder fill ratio might do for consistent velocities. Anyway, it sounds like a viable option.
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    Rich, the simplicity of fire forming 6.5 Max cases is really appealing. With it’s large powder capacity, what are your thoughts on running a heavy projectile, say like the 156 gr Berger, in a short action at magazine length?
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    7mm sherman max

    I don't know much about Tikka, but I would consider one for such a build. What Tikka T3x rifle (and action length) would this magazine work with? Thanks.
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    Once Fired Brass Prep

    ajkellerusmc, yes, that's right. It works for me with turned necks (6.5x55 improved and 300 Norma improved) and un-turned necks (260 Rem and soon 6 mm CM). If I happen to have a neck which is dinged up, then I use neck turning expander mandrel to straighten it, as mentioned by aushunter1 (I think).
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    Once Fired Brass Prep

    For consistency, I: (a) clean my cases in a vibrating corn media with a little metal polish for about 1 hour (b) remove my primers with a decapping die (c) anneal (after every firing!) (d) size with a clean FL bushing die (with the expander ball and decapping pin removed, bushing for about .002"...
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    Who hunts with a chassis

    I will weigh it and come back to you. It's not light! I'm only just through my load development, but I'm really happy with the results. I need to validate my loads, but I got really strong speed nodes. The barrel is a Bartlein bull sporter with extended breech, 26" 1:7.5. 130 gr Berger ARH at...