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    Caliber change........HELP!

    Somewhere in Utah, he had some shorter proof carbon fiber barrels
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    Need help on 6x45 (6mm-223) bolt gun

    So I have a rem 700 223 that I’ve had forever and will never sell but want to mess with it. I’ve been toying with the idea of a 6x45. But I only knew of one person that had one and he’s dead now. So have yall done it, how do y’all like it? What velocities with what bullet weights? any guidance...
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    q the fix

    Something to look at that’s similar is the new sig cross, I don’t own either and have never seen a Q in person but the cross does look like a handy light rifle
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    Caliber change........HELP! This guy re barreled my win70 270wsm to a 6.5 prc with a proof barrel, it is a badass rifle.
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    Detachable Carry Handles

    I want one
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    West Texas Ordinance 30-06

    Is the barrel threaded
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    Burris XTR III 3.3-18 SCR MOA

    I have a Burris Xtr 3 for sale that’s 3.3-18x50 non-illuminated. Relatively new scope, mounted it but never shot it. reason for selling is that it’s moa and I want everything to be in Mils $1550 shipped Would trade for a mil leupold mark 5
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    Nosler 7mm mag brass

    I have 35 pieces of once fired nosler 7mm mag brass. I’ll let it go for 50$ shipped or trade for a set of 45 long colt dies or 25-20 dies
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    Any pictures?
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    New to handgun hunting

    Well I ended up firsttaking a doe with the 44 at 55yds and irons, then several other animals since. Quite fun and will continue down this route. Wound up getting a stainless Blackhawk hunter the other day, the dragoon square trigger guard on my current 44 is a booger and I’m over it, it will be...
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    PPU Brass yea or nae

    I got some HSM 25-06 ammo and it’s loaded in PPU brass, as always with hsm ammo it’s high quality stuff
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    PPU Brass yea or nae

    I use it for my 6.5 grendle in a bolt gun, full length sizing, and I like it well enough, have aroumd 3-4 firings on some
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    6.5 PRC with IMR 7977

    ive been shooting 7977 with berger 156's and its great. right around 56-57.5 seems to be most peoples sweet spot for 156s.
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    I’ve been looking at some on GUnbroker and they seem to be selling around the 1200$ mark roughly