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    Scope and hunting ammo for 460 S&W?

    I just acquired the 10.5" 460 VXR. Mounted a Leupold 2.5-8x. Will be testing several loads including Hornady Handgun Hunter ammo, FTX, and a couple of Federal Premium offerings with Barnes and Swift A-Frames. Plan on taking this rig to Alaska in June for black bear. Good luck with your 460.
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    Sierra .357 bullets

    Looking to purchase Sierra .357, 158 gr. JHC bullets.
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    Sierra .357 bullets

    Looking to purchase Sierra .357 -- 158 gr. JHC bullets.
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    Mt goat thread

    Paul Chervenek - Kodiak Adventures has years of experience and success on goats.
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    Sierra .357, 158gr. JHC

    I would like to buy Sierra pistol bullets -- .357, 158gr. JHC. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Mark
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    Nosler m48

    killitgrillit, Haven't seen your PM.
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    Nosler m48

    dogbuster0006, I've been shooting the Nosler pistol since it was introduced. Actually I was working on a proto-type before introduction. They are very accurate rigs. I've got three now - and many of my friends and family have bought one. No complaints from any of them and they all are...
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    375/06 help

    Several years ago I took a big brown bear with the 375/06 JDJ. The bear squared an honest 9' 10" with a skull measurement of 27 5/16. I was using a load recommended by JD with Hornady's 270 gr. Spire Point. Shot was 82 yards and this cartridge rocked him. Good luck with yours.
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    Freedom arms vs BFR on accuracy 454 casull

    I have owned and shot both revolvers in .44 Mag. For a pure hunting gun, both will suffice. Comparing a FA with a BFR is like comparing apples to grapes - not a fair comparison. You seem to be focused on accuracy (and who isn't) There is a reason FA revolvers did so well in silhouette...
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    Thinking of a new build and need advice on caliber

    I've enjoyed success in the field with a 15 inch Encore barrel in 338 Fed. Federal Premium ammo provides a factory load with Nosler's 180 gr. AB. Velocity was 2516 -- and I wouldn't use anything less than a 15 inch barrel. The 180 gr. Nolser AB works well and I've taken Shiras moose, boar, a...
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    Nosler Model 48 NCH

    Standard Nosler short action mount geometry or Rem. 700 2-piece base. One piece picatinny rail available in 0 or 20 MOA.
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    Nosler Model 48 NCH

    I changed the AR grip (Hogue) that came with the gun to a Royal Arms grip. It's a target/tactical type grip with more of a vertical angle. Really like it.
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    Mid-Asian Ibex…Berger or Accubond

    Ditto on the AB
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    Nosler Model 48 NCH Nolser has just introduced their new single-shot, bolt-action handgun. I have been shooting this handgun for some time now -- in both 22 Nosler and 6.5 Creedmoor. The handgun is extremely accurate and will be a welcome addition to the handgun hunting...
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    Day One Camouflage, Window Camo pattern

    Petro712, I bought two pair of their pants many years ago - in different patterns. I've worn these pants on countless hunting trips and they are still in good shape. Patterns are a matter of personal preference but I can say my experience with their pants has been great.