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  • Exelent. I use black high heat rtv gasket sillicone to fill the hole left from the screw, to prevent rust. Well good luck with your project.
    Yes, Estes Park is right by RMNP. The Ruger front sight was like you said but after removing the inner allen screw the sight boss was still tight, it must be heat shrunk on. Since I was not ever going to use the iron sights on the rifle a little crude but careful work with a 4'' hand grinder I split the sight band (most of the way through) which came off revealing a nice clean blued barrel underneath.
    I thought Royinidaho wrote that......... Im sorry, I guess you wouldnt understand the humor, it was meant for Roy. So was I right about the 2 piece front sight? I was 90% sure thats how they came apart....... Is RMNP anywhere near Estas Park? Guessing not.
    I live about 50 miles north of Denver and about 50 miles east of Rocky Mtn. Nat. Park , I've got a good view of the mountains but live in the" flatlands".
    Thanks for the post on the Ruger front sight.
    I spent some time in the great state of Colorado in 2002 on the Missionary Ridge fire. Beautiful country! especially when its not burning. Where you out of?
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