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    New Hunting scope suggestions Budget 750-1500

    Any one ever handle a S&B Klassik? Maybe something like this as well S&B Klassik
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    New Hunting scope suggestions Budget 750-1500

    That is true. I have a friend that has an SHV and it is sweet. I did not even think of a NF. Thanks
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    Cool video about Small pistol Vs Small Rifle Primers

    Back when I use to play the open IPSC game I always ran SP-Magnum primers in the 38 Super. I would love to see this down with all the primer brands especially through the pressure barrel.
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    New Hunting scope suggestions Budget 750-1500

    Thanks for all the suggestions please keep them coming.
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    New Hunting scope suggestions Budget 750-1500

    Ok all I am looking to put this new glass on a 30-06. I am here in UT and hunt mostly northern Utah, shots on elk can be 35 yds and in the lodgepole pines or out to about 600 yd's off of a plateau. I have been kind of looking at the Swaro Z5 2.4x12x50 4W reticle, Zeiss Z4 3x12x44 or 56 in the...
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    Cool video about Small pistol Vs Small Rifle Primers

    I came across this interesting video. Granted the testor is just using CCI, but still some really cool info. Enjoy and discuss freely.
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    Blaze Orange - dumb questions, please don't laugh

    I have a vest that I have had for years and love it. I just bought a couple of other orange vests of midway one year on close out for a few dollars each and strapped that to the back of my pack to add a bit more. Check you pack mfg they may have a add on panel. Worry more about wind the camo...
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    Bedding advice for a CZ557

    Thank you for the reply. would you also not bed behind the screw like the wood stock. It is almost like there are two lugs and I have hear that can cause problems?
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    Bedding advice for a CZ557

    Well as the title states I could use a little advice. I recently purchased a CZ557 that I got both the manners stock along with the walnut stock. I see the walnut stock is bedded but the manners. The manners does have pillars installed. My question is should I bed the manners? I also...
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    Anyone's hands get sore after priming brass?

    More now then when I was single. :P
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    The issue isn’t that you are asking the price you are. The bigger issue is obviously you do not need the primers or you would not be selling them. The issue is people that are just going LGS to LGS and buying as many as they can to turn around and re sell them at a greatly inflated cost...
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    Best Value Long Range Hunting Rifle up to $5k

    I would look at R-Brothers, or Quarter Minute Magnums out of ID. For a custom. Or look at the Seekins Havak PH2 great rifles and you could be into your rifle and a tier 1 scope for about the 5k mark. This is with factor 6.5 prc ammo at 100 yds. The calipers are calibrated for a center to...
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    Barrel length questions!

    Don’t forget about the good ol 243. Easy to shoot get factory ammo any where.
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    First elk hunt. Leaning toward Tikka

    Lots and lots of good advice. Like has been stated if you want a new rifle get one, as 2021 is a ways off and you have time to get familiar with it and the way it shoots. The 06 is plenty of rifle. Like one poster said looking past the rifle, what other gear do you have for hunting. I would...
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    New to long range and big game hunting

    Welcome. This can be a tuff one. If you look at a guy like Randy Newburgh he has killed more elk then many of us have ever seen in the wild and his chosen rifle is a 308 with good ammo. Now just wanting a new rifle I get that totally. I am very fond of the 60-70 degree bolt through. And...