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    CM vs PRC

    I agree. I have the 6.5x47 and the 6.5-284 and shoot both with pleasure...
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    6.5-06AI shooters and 156 EOL

    Curious to understand how the 156 works with the 8 twist bbl... I'll be waiting for your tuning tests.
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    Cutting Edge Bullets

    Yeah, that's a really CREATIVE Marketing...That said, the precision of these ogives is unquestionable.
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    A-tips on game?

    YORKE, even though not so scientific your test is very interesting. It shows the different behaviors of these ogives and confirms the one of the A-TIPs with their thicker jacket. Now we'll check the results with those guys wanting to try them on game, as CODYADAMS says.
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    A-Tips in stores?

    Curious to try to these new ogives, but I expect we'll have to wait longer here in Europe before getting them... I'd like mostly to understand what will be the best twist rate for the 250 gr./300 cal. and how it will perform on game...Thanks for advising as soon as somebody of you guys will get...
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    215 Berger Target for hunting

    My statement doesn't mean that the consequence of the hydroshock gets an immediate death. I just pointed out the particular situation of no expansion with a minimum energy release.
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    215 Berger Target for hunting

    Yes. If you consider the effect of the projectile in the middle of the mass of the internal organs, the shock wave will disintegrate those tissues mostly composed by water. Of course, in case of fragmentation this effect will be amplified, but the shock vawe is due basically to the bullet body...
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    215 Berger Target for hunting

    I got some 2990 with comfortable pressure. COAL is approx 3.1".
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    215 Berger Target for hunting

    As reply to Bravo4 and 257 Tony, on my experience I can tell that the exit hole of a bullet after fragmentation is normally larger than the bullet diameter. In the case quoted in my thread I just checked what happened inside the room, and did'nt find any trace of copper or lead. Consequently...
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    215 Berger Target for hunting

    The basic condition for a good terminal effect with a target bullet is to hit some bone, in order to get the right expansion by these bullets with a ticker jacket. That said, some years ago I had the same experience as in your thread, when I shot a young red deer at short distance (100 yds or...
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    215 Berger Target for hunting

    Ok, that could be pretty good with that caliber. With my 300 WSM / 10 twist Krieger I stopped at 215 gr. with superb geoups, so no interest to go up. But now I'm corious to give a try to the 230 as well. Good shooting!
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    215 Berger Target for hunting

    IMO the 230 hyb are a bit difficult to stabilize with 1:10". What is the speed you've got with these loads?
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    ELD X shape, not a fan?

    LongBomber, if I want to get the best by the 300WSM a longer throat is a must. A friend of mine is shooting with a SAAMI chamber, but the same cartridge (bullet/powder charge) with a deeper seated bullet gives him only "decent" groups...
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    ELD X shape, not a fan?

    Ross1147, my 300WSM chamber is also longer throated (a bit more than yours) and I experienced the same issue with the 200 ELDX. Actually, the first box had a different shape (ogive similar to a hybrid profile), while the second box had a fat tangent profile, with the same problem of seating...
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    Schmitt & Bender feedback

    As somebody else posted, the choice of a scope is mostly a personal fact depending on the eye as well as by the money one can spend. Second point that matters is the quality of the optics. As also posted by nitro 375, at the sunny daylight it is difficult to appreciate the difference among the...