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    Need a Wyoming safety net.

    Man I'd like to help ya but no vacation time left and my areas are in the opposite direction. Never hunted either area so not any help there either😐
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    Suppressor/muzzle brake

    Had the Tikka altralite 30-06 threaded for a Gemtech brake/adapter and put on a quick detatch Gemtech the one suppressor. The mule still kicks a little but it does manage it enough to enjoy shooting it off the bench. The 223 has just the flash adapter and the Grendel also has a brake adapter...
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    Big hunting trips

    The big trip this year will be to Wamsutter for proghorn....Its only 150 miles but I aint hunted it before so might take a scouting trip or three. Next year=Alaska and I aint drivin!
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    Shoot 6.5x55 from a 6.5 creedmoor rifle...

    I have that problem all the time......getting 6.5-284,sweede and Grendel cases mixed up in the wrong gun🙄 Had a guy a while back ask me what else he could shoot in his 6.5 creed? I thought his was jokeing but he was serious! And they wonder why creed owners get a bad rap, the round is what it...
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    In between 7mm-08 & .308

    30 Creed...Thats some funny chit right there! A soft shoulder has me favoring 6.5 and 708 or a break/can combo. A good reciol pad can help allot. A 140 grainer is going to recoil very close to the same, weather it comes out of the 260,708 or 308. The biggest difference is 140s are at the top of...
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    Wyoming results are up

    Been lucky enough to draw an 87 tag twice , got a fair 4x4 and the 8x7 in my avitar. Taken a few nice antelope out of that area but have waited 10 years to draw the elk tag.
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    Wyoming results are up

    Didnt draw the 87 deer tag but did manage a 57 antelope tag and finally a 22 elk tag. Two outa three aint bad😎
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    First time antelope hunt

    Ice helps to take the heat off, gets gamey in the heat fast. More important to keep the hair off the meat, I use a different knifes to work the hide and meat
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    rock chucks

    Great fun but unlike blacktailed prairiedogs and ground squirrels they can be shot out= always best to leave a few.
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    Federal Brass ?

    Dont run it hard and you may get a few firings, run it hard and its not reloadable
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    Good Day At The Farm

    Beautiful stock and shoots great too!
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    I am falling apart ...

    Rehabilitation is your friend! The therapist is an evil *****, princes. As past president of the "Hold my beer and watch this club" Give it all the time the doc says to heal, trust me on this one! Scare on scare is kinda like two black eyes= You should have listened the first time🤔 Getting old...
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    Should I add 338 to my hunting rifles?

    Took my elk last year with the 6.5x55 while deer hunting, dropped in his tracks. With that said I just added a 338 Federal to an already filled elk arsenal (7mag,30-06 and 338 Edge) You always need a new elk rifle 😎 Just make sure you can get ammo for it!
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    For all you 30-06 owners, what bullet are you using?

    To date the only bullet/powder combo that works in my Tikke superlite is the 168 Amax and imr4831. Bought it for an elk gun but so far no luck getting it to shoot and elk bullet
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Tikka T3x 338 Federal

    Yep the 6.5x55 and 30-06 tikkas just got a big brother. Aught to make a good elk rifle😎