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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold holiday specials

    I just finished updating all the prices on my optics page. All prices are marked way down for the holidays. For scopes not listed just drop me an email for similarly low prices. Please feel free to check out my other pages too. I am also offering...
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    Bright Stainless BBL

    If it chipped then the surface wasn't prepped right to hold it. It needs to be a rough surface like when you are prepping to parkerize. In fact I usually parkerize the surface first anyway on steel. Gunkote won't stick to a smooth shiney surface for long.
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    Bright Stainless BBL

    you can do it yourself with a product called gunkote available from me or brownells. I use it all the time on stainless parts for the guns I work on and occasionaly whole guns. I sandblast the surface myself but as long as you can scuff it up and get it perfectly clean before spraying you will...
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    lets see some LR rifle pics!

    I need to get a new picture. I recently reparkerized it and I got another cammo heavy stock for it too. I know some of you guys got me out classed with your bolt rifles but this one can hold it's own to 1000 yards. One identicle to it served me well in the service and this one has been my...
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    Any suggestions for a light-kicking rifle?

    Get her one of these. Very light recoil, super accurate, 308 cal. Mine here weighs about 20 pounds but with a gi fiberglass stock and a scope and arms 18 mount and a gi barrel it will be right about 10 pounds. My youn son carries this one sometimes and he's only 10 so a 10 pounder would be...
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    forward cant base or not????

    Thanks for all the replies everyone. I appreciate it. I guess we did make the right choice. The rings we got are gonna be close but I think they will fit. If they don't he has another rifle they will work on and I can just order the next higher ones. I think they will be ok though. Thanks again.
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    forward cant base or not????

    I am about to do an order for a customer for a badger ordinance 20 moa forward cant base, 30 mm rings and a Leupold scope. He has a remington .308 heavy barrel varmint rifle. My question is; does he need the forward cant base on the remington with a Leupold #54560? I use a straight base on my...
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    1 shot 2 kills

    You must mean the antelope. A few were shot through the windshield. You should have seen that guy running alongside the truck before he ct in front and went under the fence. Boy was that a sight! They have a few hundred of them out there and no open season on them. That really sucks! It is...
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    How are you new members finding us?

    I can't remember how I found this site but I can put a link on my site if the moderators want to help get more people. I like it a lot here. Lot's of good info and people!
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    1 shot 2 kills

    This was taken this morning at my hunting lease. I got these two with one shot from a hair over 500 yards away shooting down hill into the wind. I got 8 more too and spent a whole mag on all of them because I wasted a few trying to get my windage down, but it just doesn't get any better than...
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    Longrange hunting in the U.S.

    I'm looking around matador and anwhere east of here generaly. We have mule deer to the south and east as well as some of the biggest turkey I have ever seen. Pretty good whitetail and hogs too. Hogs are what I am after the most. Nothing like free porkchops. I'll let ya know if I find a good one.
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    Longrange hunting in the U.S.

    Texas! I could show you some places here for sure. I'm in the process of checking out new hunting leases right now but for long range hunting this is the area.
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    M14 / M1A accuracy

    I totaly disagree with the negative posts. The M-14 is probably the MOST reliable weapon this country has ever fielded. I carried a standard and a sniper version through all kinds of stuff in the service and never had a problem and I now have a poly receiver I built into a M-21 type. Bedded...
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    I am a m-14 and m-1 shooter and therfore use military brass so I weight segregate it but not the bullets. I normally use barnes x bullets and they have proven to be about as uniform as it gets. For the brass I debur the flash hole, swage the primer pocket, trim, debur and segregate into half...
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    Loading data for Barnes TXS (.306/168gr)

    I use the xlc coated 168 308 bullet in my garand and M-14 for almost everything now. The biggest thing to keep in mind is seating depth. About .050 away from the rifling is the trick to them. Not jammed up tight as most would think. My m-14 will put 5 easily in one hole at 100 yards. The m-1...