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    What Suppressor Trust?

    Apologies Steve, not trying to hijack your thread
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    What Suppressor Trust?

    What's wrong with posting some missing information? what's wrong with adding the rest so we all have the correct information? If it's going to bother you when someone adds relevant information to a thread, then you are in the wrong place. I for one appreciate the knowledge you share here, but...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Buyer comment

    You can post this on the: "Buyer Seller feedback forum". Have a nice day
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    Bullet Decision for Texas Deer Hunt

    Just snug it behind the shoulder and you'll be fine.
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    My wife's first elk

    That is awesome. Congrats to you both!
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    Advice on load selection for a new bear hunter

    Personally, the Partition as mentioned on your other thread is the perfect choice. Just can't go wrong at those ranges Either the 140gr, 150gr or 160gr version will work. And all will be good out to 400 yds or more depending elevation.
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    7mm-08 vs 308

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Completely missed the original posting date.
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    7mm-08 vs 308

    If you are a Reloader then the 7mm-08 is the best option. Ammo makers don't load any heavy high BC bullets, at least that I've seen. Been using it for 30+ years and will not go back to a 308 Win, ever. You can load it light or heavy. from 100gr Varmint bullets, 120gr Ballistic or 140gr...
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    At that range standard speeds will work, don't need 2,800 fps. With the Partition at around 2,600 muzzle velocity you're good out to 400 yds for reliable expansion. H4350, RL16 and RL17 have worked very well with the heaver bullets in the 7mm-08. If you still want more velocity then try Staball.
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    Not at 2,800 fps no. Mine are between 2,600 and 2,650 fps for 160gr, 162gr and 168gr bullets. Powders like Hunter or Staball might get you close. What is your barrel lenght?
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    RL-23 7mm RM 140 Berger VLD

    You should be able to reach 68gr and maybe even 69gr, but work it up as you mentioned.
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    I've shot several of the Federal Premium offerings in my 7mm-08's and 7mm Rem Mag. They've all shot MOA or better at 100 yds. Couple of them shoot sub half MOA. That said, I'd give them a try.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Factory Seconds

    They look like the Interlock SP.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 💥 ADG 7mm Rem mag PRE-SALE💥

    Again, late for the party LOL