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    Which Nightforce

    What he said.
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    Tract Toric 4-20 vs??

    Really like my Razor LHT.
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    Viper vs Razor

    How far are you shooting? Is this for hunting, bench, or both?
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    Berbara premier rifle vs seekins precision havak

    Seekins has a lifetime guarantee. If it falls off a cliff they will replace it. Don't know if Bergara has a warranty like that. My B14 Ridge in 6.5 CM is a good shooter. My Seekins Havak in 6.5 PRC is a better shooter. Just my 2 cents.
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    Bergers or Hornady

    Prefer bergers for hunting.
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    Forster CoAx

    Good advice. Thanks.
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    Forster CoAx

    I put in for notification with Midway about a Forster Coax 3 months ago. 2 months later I received a notification and ordered. Since then I have been debating whether or not I shoot enough to dive into the reloading rabbit hole. With reloading components so hard to find I don't know what to...
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    Range finder plus wind meter

    What QT said. Kestrel measures environmentals.
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    Getting a little tired of the Summit Climber...

    Thanks for the reply. I am 56 and hauling a Summit into the woods can get tiresome, along with bow or rifle, and backpack. Have bought 2 leaners and a tripod over the last 2 years. Not the ideal set up but the woods I hunt are thick and with a Summit on your back trekking through the woods is...
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    Getting a little tired of the Summit Climber...

    May I ask how old you are? How comfortable are the saddles for a 5 to 6 hour hunt? Looked at them and thought how nice it would be to climb any tree. Thanks.
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    Range finder plus wind meter

    Leica 2800 with Hornady 4 DOF kestrel works for me. Right in your budget too.
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    Hello, New Here

    Welcome from NC