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    Flextone Echo eR1 Electronic Predator Caller

    Hey Mike, how's the caller working out for you so far. I've had mine out several times and like everything about it. Now i just need to call in a dog. I have yet to do that, not sure what the deal is there.
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    Flextone Echo eR1 Electronic Predator Caller

    I just decided to order one too. I couldn't afford the fox pro and from everything i've read about it the echo sounds pretty good. I ordered it yesterday from wildlife callers, hopefully it will get here soon cause i can't wait.
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    Flextone Echo eR1 Electronic Predator Caller

    How does this unit sound. i was thinking about getting one, i can't see spending the for dough for the fox pro or the wildlife tech. unit. I'd be interested to hear what you think about it. thanks.
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    104 Pound Coyote

    i'm thinking probably a hybrid of some sort, not full coyote.
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    Remington action question

    So here's the deal. I found a remington 700 for sale for $400, possibly $350 if i can work em over good. It's a 300 win mag and looks to be in good condition but i don't really know the history of it. The question i have are all rem 700 actions created equal, or are some years better then...
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    Just the regular ol' encore, not the pro hunter or anything
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    I've got a T/C Encore with a 25-06 barrel in like new condition. Asking price is $550 and it comes with leupold quick release rings, weaver base and nikon prostaff 3-9x40 scope.
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    308-300wsm Rechamber

    Hello, i've got a rem700 vs chambered in 308. Not sure if this has been brought up before, if so i can't find it. My question is what would it take to rechamber the 308 to 300 wsm? The reason i was thinking about this is because both rounds are awesome but the 300 will pack a bigger punch at...
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    US Optics $1,000 Spotting Scope Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In The US Optics Spotting Scope Contest"
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    New from AZ

    Welcome, I'm pretty new to the site also and haven't done a lot of posting, but man is there some good info to be read on here. Where are you in AZ? I just moved to the sierra vista area from Colorado. So far it's a good place to be.
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    Another which scope thread

    Woods, thanks for the reply, i was seriously looking into the conquest and if i had it my way thats the route i'd go. The conquest is just a bit much out of my price range though. I was looking at the one on the optics for sale page and jumped on it about 15 minutes to late. The Leupold was...
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    Another which scope thread

    I've narrowed the search down to 3 different scopes, just curious what yall's opinion would be as to which one would be the best. The 3 are the Kahles helia CL 4-12x52, Bushnell elite 6500 and Leupold vxiii. All in the same price range and all are quality optics. I know the warranties are...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44 rapid Z 1000

    I'm really interested in this scope, can you send some pic's please? Thanks [email protected]
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    Olympus Camera and Binoculars - $1,580 Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    "Enter Me In The Olympus/Cameraland Contest".
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    Long Range Rifles, LLC --- $1,000 Components Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In The Long Range Rifles, LLC Component Give Away Contest Lucas