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    Rifle for 10 year old.

    Here are my thoughs, contrary to common wisdom have a good 15 to 20 ounce trigger.
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    Is Action Blue Printing Worth It

    Many people would be unhappy with that.
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    Is Action Blue Printing Worth It

    It is the right way to it.
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    Is Action Blue Printing Worth It

    You do not know? Do they guarantee accuracy with out the blueprinting do they with?
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    Welcome, from Marana AZ, Casper WY
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    Best rifle scabbard and saddle bags for back country horseback hunting

    I have spent many thousands of hours hunting, scouting and packing in camps on horses and mules. I have never seen anyone with experience carry their rifle on their shoulder. Should also consider instead of saddlebags, use a small backpack on the other side of your scabbard. This will help...
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    New rifle problems

    When new rifles don't shoot, don't invest time or money. Send it back.. repeat if necessary. To many people try to fix rifles, fail then send them back. At this point you may share in the responsibility to fix.
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    Barrel Damage?

    Are you the original owner?
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    Drop camp

    I would make arrangements with the outfitter to pick up quarters the kill site, even if its a couple hundred bucks. FYI can't leave elk whole overnight. ( need to quarter ) I know this was not the question.
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    Choose one Western big game caliber

    Could not have said it better.
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    Idaho Unit 76 late rifle tips?

    PM me, may be able to help.