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    Weatherby Mkv Accumark 338 LM

    So the search function is my friend, but didn't seem to find me anything meaningful. I'm looking for any feedback on this rifle. This is one of the big 33's available here in factory configuration and whilst pricey it may be something I want to consider. It's a 26" barrel with a 2" brake...
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    Bases / rings for tikka t3 sporter

    Some advice please... I bought my girlfriend a Sako T3 Sporter (222 Rem). It has a grooved receiver top, but not dovetails like a Sako. It is also not drilled and tapped. What scope bases or direct attach rings have you used successfully on these rifles? I'm trying to avoid the Optilocks...
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    McMillan Lazzeroni question

    Broz, A few questions please as you have experience with the stock... Have you ever handled a McM Lazzeroni style (not TH) stock and how did it compare? How is the TH in a big recoiler? I see you have a brake on the rifle, but I assume you may have some experience without it. Howw...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Sako M995 McMillan or other stock

    I have sent you gentlemen a PM each regarding a stock and BM. Thanks. LRHWAL
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    Kelbly atlas

    Good day, Any input from anyone out there who is shooting one? Or whose buddy is shooting one? I particularly want to know if they are as accurate as they "should be" at the price. Thanks.
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    Kelbly Atlas "custom factory" rifle thoughts

    Good day gentlemen Do you have any updates on these rifles? What are they shooting like, are you still happy? Thanks.
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    340 WBY real potential and questions?

    Good day, I've recently purchased a 340 WBY MkV Lazermark (produced in Japan). I think it was a great deal, but the 340 is not that popular here (in South Africa) as components are hard to come by, ammunition prohibitively expensive (if you can locate it) and I for one wont' support the local...
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    Whidden stocks

    Good day, Can anyone who has used the Whidden Composites in a build provide some feedback on the stocks please? Or does anyone who has handled them and taken a look at them have any comments either good or bad? Thanks! WAL
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    Barrel cooling devices / practices

    Subesquent to posting the initial question I've tried this suggestion. Tumbleweed is right; it works great. Thanks!
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    BASES AND RINGS... clarification on recoil shoulders please!

    I was hoping that you guys who have seen all of these can clear up some questions please... On my shorter range, broken bushveld, type rifles I don't need the set up that I have on my long range rifle. Here in South Africa I can't necessarily get to inspect all of these products and I'm...
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    I've used the 201gr VLD in my 300 WM for some years now. In fact only four animals killed with my rifle were not shot with those bullets. Over the years I've hunted many, many springbuck, probably 7 or 8 large blue wildebeest bulls, 6 or 7 large Gemsbok bulls and even a wounded eland bull...
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    Bullet weight for 6.5 long range rifle

    The 6.5x68 is similar in performance to the .264 Win Mag. It is a caliber that dates from the 1930's and is also known as the 6.5x68 Schuler or 8x68s. Ammo is loaded by RWS as I recall in 93gr and 127gr weights. As far as I know the case is the same as the 8x68s. It's like a European...
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    Barrel cooling devices / practices

    I tend to shoot my 300 WM quite a bit. We need to participate regularly in shooting events to motivate firearm licences here in South Africa and for quite some time this was my only rifle. Between that and high ambient temperatures I suspect I've not treated my barrel as well as I could have...
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    When a jump is jam! Or not?

    Thanks for the replies. I agree with everything posted. By the way, the steel wool polished bullet and the magnifying glass never seemed to work for me, but I know others have had success. I think what I was headed at was to say that a reference point is great, but don't take it at...
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    When a jump is jam! Or not?

    I've been measuring AOL and jump to the lands with a Stoney Point AOL gauge and a Stoney Point Comparator from when these were Stoney Point. I followed the instructions and what I'd read and suggestions. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of it. Using the AOL tool with the modified...

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