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    All setup for long range, then . . .

    Wow! Congratulations on the buck. Nice rifle too.
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    Varying POI- Posture Question

    I stole my wife's rubber coated, soft-type, memory foam lake floatee . Head rest is perfect for leaning into a bit. Great for prone position. Atlas bipod.
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    Retumbo wont fit

    I used .2 gr increments when I saw the groups getting tighter. I never have used .1 gr until I found my load and then tested .1 higher and lower to verify. Also, velocity was slowing down and not increasing much. Highest velocity Ive been able to measure on my 24" barrel with H1000 was 2912 but...
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    Retumbo wont fit

    Short answer. Most likely. I've used new Lapua brass with no change. I've used Nosler with poor initial results. After once fired, same loads were much better. Doing your own testing and documenting EVERY variable is best for knowledge.
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    Retumbo wont fit

    D If your 75 shows no signs of pressure you should be fine at .5 gr increments. Be sure to check very closely as you go up to the next step. Your results may be different, but I had a very good node at 76 then it hit another at 78.4 gr. The 78.4 is hot and I only use it in the fall and winter...
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    Retumbo wont fit

    Different rifles, chambers, conditions, jumps, etc. If you load a few well marked in incremental increases, just be prepared to pull the bullets as soon as you get back IF you don't need them. Easy to forget and have them laying around and forget what they were. What jump?
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    Retumbo wont fit

    212 gr, 78.4 gr H1000, 24" AR30A1, 2850 fps...sub .10 moa
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    Rifle stock painting

    I used enamel spray on water using all of my colors I wanted. Dipped the stock in it and lifted it out with pre-attached hangers. This was my first and only attempt. Very well attached to stock.
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    Longest Kill Shot ?

    Whitetail 714 yd heart shot 180gr 300 wm Red Fox 110 yd .22 Squirrel 110 yd head shot .22 Yote 135 yd .556 night shot Hog 145 yd .556 thermal night shot
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    Best scope under $1400

    Sightron SIII 10-50 about 1k$. Great glass for the money. I have 3 and love them. I've used one of them on my 300 wm for 1k+ targets. I also have a 8-80 March, so I know good glass, but the SIII is a very good scope. Several reticles to choose from.
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    VISA Bill Arrived - Mule Deer CO Tag - Wife WHATTT??

    Congrats on the tag. As far as your wife goes, all women understand bargain shopping. With that in mind, find the highest priced tag in all states and begin crying the blues because you really couldn't afford going. It was going to cost more for travel, gas prices were just wasn't...
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    Very proud dad moment!!!

    Great moments to be long remembered. Awesome shot, awesome Dad and Son combo.
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    Bullet touching the lands or 2000th back?

    I have a 300 WM and 338 Lapua, both in Armalite's AR30. I reload both at .001 off the lands. Neither one of them like more than .003 jump. Added: 300 Bergers on the 338, 208 Amax in 300 WM since I had a stock of them before they were changed.