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    For Sale 2 Nikon FX1000 Scopes (price drop!)

    PM sent
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    Review by 'Lowedown' in article 'Unicorn Hunting with Squirrel Rifles'

    very well written, enjoyable story line, and fun details! thanks for sharing!
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    511 Yard Coyote

    I'm with you on practicing, and KNOWING where to hold, as well as knowing ranges. This hunt was a very unusual situation for me. I forgot my reticle card, and hadn't yet memorized it for that particular set up as the scope had just been changed out on that rifle. My rangefinder was basically...
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    511 Yard Coyote

    Wow Ohlongarm, that's awesome grouping!!
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    511 Yard Coyote

    on some private ground my brother in law works for, NE of Enterprise OR :)
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    511 Yard Coyote

    nice work, that is awesome! the 204 is on my list :)
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    511 Yard Coyote

    We had trouble getting educated dogs to come all the way to our calls in wide open country. It was fun to watch so many different coyotes from a long ways away though. Anyway, this dog was one of 3 on our final stand that wouldn't come any closer. Having just switched scopes on my 22-250 and...
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    Leupold MK 4 Maybe this fella would be interested in a trade? He has the scope you are looking for
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    What’s your favourite hunting arrow?

    Blacke Eagle Carnivore .001 tolerance. you will want that straightness behind broadheads :) if your looking for a little heavier and very tough then look at Gold tip.
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    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!! God Bless you!
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    Manners EH1 LA 700

    TTT, ;)
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    Which binos for high country long range hunting

    If you go rangefinding binos, then the Leica are noticeably nicer than the swaros. way better ergonomics, and the glass was unbeatable. best I have owned is my Razor HD 12x50s, but I have spent alot of time behind other glass and comparing things head to head of tripods. just my 2 cents. Good...
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    It did! My little brother kept his cool. I told him to shoot again when I saw the bull was hit hard. The next day He and I packed the whole thing out 7 miles in Hells Canyon on our backs. The pain lasted for days, but the memory lasts a lifetime :)
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    agree go with the 162. on game experience for me is I reloaded my brothers 270 WSM with the 145s. He shot a bull elk at 350 yards. first shot centerpunched front shoulder knuckle joint completely destroying it but not penetrating much after loosing all energy on that. He simply hit too much...
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    Determining BC and drop for big bullets

    I remember the old "load from a disk" program could calculate a BC given 2 velocities at different distances. you needed 2 chronographs. set one close and one 100 yards away and shoot through both and find an average velocity loss. I'm sure there is a program or calculator that will do this...