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    SOLD/EXPIRED Christensen Mesa 6.5 PRC

    Bump up for a great seller and a sweet rifle!
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    Rifle recommendations

    Townsend, any updates? I am a 7RM fan myself and have also been considering the CAs or something similar in hopefully not to distant future. How is the fit and finish on your traverse? How does it shoot? your ammo choices and how did they group? Would love to hear more :) Thanks!
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    Too late to start?

    go hunting. You only live once, and if you want to experience hunting then you should! you have already brought it up and heard her thoughts. Now you go and tell her you have decided to go hunt this fall because it is something you need to do for you! However, you would like to reassure her that...
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    Savage 99 in 300 Savage
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    Savage 99 in 300 Savage

    Very neat gun! My first rifle was a 1941 model 99 in 300 savage with a 2.5x Lyman Alaskan on a Redfield mount. I still have it :) Shoots consistent 1.25 MOA with 165s. Even with the mods that's a fair price, and would be a great using gun!
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    Kimber 8400 Classic Stainless 300 WSM

    What a beautiful rifle! congratulations RevJim!! I picked up a Kimber recently and it shot great! let it cool alot between shots if your after one hole groups :)
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    weight of your pack rifle?

    Just acquired this Kimber Montana in 6.5 CM. Talley rings and a Vortex Razor HD Light Hunter 2-10x40 with the G4 reticle. It has treated me well so far! I verified holds on 8" steel all the way to 600 on Saturday :) weighs 6 lbs 6 oz. I plan to use it for deer hunting when ounces are more...
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    Silver Leupold Vari X iii 3.5-10X50

    There was a fella on here looking for a silver leupold a couple days ago. Maybe try and find his post :) good luck!
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    511 Yard Coyote

    I am still a novice caller. Those are amazing coyote numbers that few will ever attain! I probably was running the call a little loud, but we were calling to coyotes that were well over 2000 yards away. Since we could see them coming I wonder if it would have been good to turn the volume down...
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    511 Yard Coyote

    We had trouble getting educated dogs to come all the way to our calls in wide open country. It was fun to watch so many different coyotes from a long ways away though. Anyway, this dog was one of 3 on our final stand that wouldn't come any closer...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Browning Hells Canyon Speed 7RM

    Any trade interests?
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    Leupold's customer service--Excellent...

    I gotta chime in. A few years back a friend of mine in NE Oregon had his VX-3 fail on him the day before his elk season opened. Upon calling Leupold in Portland at about 4pm on a Friday he got a tech on the phone right away. Understanding the gravity of the situation the tech asked my friend...
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    Review by 'Lowedown' in article 'Unicorn Hunting with Squirrel Rifles'

    very well written, enjoyable story line, and fun details! thanks for sharing!
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    511 Yard Coyote

    I'm with you on practicing, and KNOWING where to hold, as well as knowing ranges. This hunt was a very unusual situation for me. I forgot my reticle card, and hadn't yet memorized it for that particular set up as the scope had just been changed out on that rifle. My rangefinder was basically...

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