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    For Sale Powder or primer trade

    How much are you asking for the magnum primers?
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    Anyone have experience with Lee pro 4000 presses?

    Since no one has replied: Got the press and set it up. Took a little time for setup but man it is a lot faster production than a single stage or turret. Glad I bought it.
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    Best video on how to quarter elk?

    We take the detachable sides off and strap the quarters to it. I am not worried about top heavy, that just gives my 16 old son a lesson in mechanics and physics. Ha ha!
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    Head separation?

    Reloaded for about 10 years with a LEE press never had a problem. Changed to RCBS and had every case look just like the picture above after fired. Didn't realize at the time but the new press gave me a lot more leverage and I was creating this problem be doing the adjustment to the sizing die...
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    Best video on how to quarter elk?

    My son pulls one of these for the heavy loads
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    Powder/Primer storage

    I had several dud primers this year and I am pretty sure it was from the humidity coming from a swamp cooler.
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    Novice Elk hunter questions

    My son calls about 100 land owners every year we don't draw. That is the only way for find decent deals on tags. Usually 13, 16E, and 17 will have them for a decent price. In good units $10k is cheap.
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    Novice Elk hunter questions

    There are still some decent LO/UW tags for sale in some good units in NM. We bought a muzzle hunt for my wife last year because she didn't draw and she killed on the 3rd day. Nice fat cow elk in unit 15. Paid $600 for that UW tag.
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    What's the most affordable way to successfully hunt an elk?

    I was going to say ride your bike and take one bullet then I saw the date of the OP.
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    Want to buy: Winchester 94 30/30

    I got one I would be willing to sell if you are interested. I am in new mexico.
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    New Mexico 53

    I got scammed in unit 53. My bad! They even sent pics saying the elk are on his land and come now. Just make sure you verify the land has elk on it. It would be better if the land is on the road going into the Valle Vidal or around Questa or from Questa to Red River.
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    Ohio Deer test positive for Covid

    I had "Covid" 3 weeks ago. Killed deer Thursday with a bow. Skull is whitening now and the tenderloins tasted pretty good last night! Didn't notice any dear with masks but maybe they were sick?
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    Real Hunters?

    Just killed my first deer with a bow after 19 years of hunting. I am not a hunter now I am a harvester! Hah!
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    Advice, Help W/Remington 700 SA modifications

    140gr AB and 140 gr Hornady btsp shoot really well in my 270wsm Tikka. Son killed an elk last year with the Hornady bullets. Bullet performed well. I bought a Timney trigger for Rem 700 last year and was very happy with the upgrade.