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    high country long range deer down

    Congrats on the nice buck!! Great shot and gret spotting by you daughter. what a fun experience for her.
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    1st 1000 yard group

    very nice shooting
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    Impressed with the sendero results

    no worries here I just could not see the hit. ELR is a totally different ball game. Keep up the great shooting and videos. they are a joy to watch. I need to spend little more time studying which cmera is a good one to use for little money and how to edit it so that I can make videos of...
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    Are wolves really the problem

    Amen Broz, kind of what I was thinking while reading.
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    Are wolves really the problem

    I have been reading this thread and have been trying to figure out how to chime in without jumping into an arguement. This thread asked the question " are wolves really the problem?" The answer I have to that question is absolutely yes. I will be honest when the the reintroduction first came...
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    Impressed with the sendero results

    Great shooting even though I could not for the life of me see the impacts at the 1600 yard target. I could definately hear the report back but man I could not find the impacts. Shooting that well at 1100 and over 2000 I am positive that what you were saying at 1600 was very true. That is a...
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    Mule deer 2014

    are you wanting to be guided or do it yourself. there are a couple good late season hunts that either horseback in 20 miles or fly into remote air strips. a few budies and I are going to fly in and hunt next year. the hunt takes place in the Frank Church Wilderness. I do believe one of the...
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    Idaho draw is out (kind of)

    Well I drew a good buck tag and the usual on everything else. No elk and no antelope with rifle. i did draw the archery guarenteed antelope tag though. My father drew a muzzleloader cow tag. We are very excited on the deer hunt. We love the area we draw in. Good luck to everyone else.
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    .308 at 1038 yards

    nice shooting
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    Long range

    I think I got caught up in all of the PR when I bought my new bow this year with all the accessories just to go out and shoot some foam look a likes at 3D shoots. why do I go to the shoots? kind of just like when I take my expensive long range weapons out and shoot rocks. I think it is to...
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    My bear on the edge with the edge

    great pictures. bears are tough and that is a big bear too. also curious as to what video camera that was in the picture. I am looking to upgrade. looks like a nice video camera.
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    338 edge 2137 video

    I am hearing a lot of good things about those rangefinders. I have a friend that just bought one and absolutely loves it.
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    338 edge 2137 video

    fantastic shooting in my oppinion. beautiful day it seemed. I would be very impressed with those shots. What rangefinders were you using?
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    My bear on the edge with the edge

    nice video and a very good shot. very steep, I am glad it was not me walking up for the retrieval.
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    He has risen!

    Amen... He has risen indeed!! Happy easter gentlemen. It is a beautiful day today

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