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    Stock "painting question..

    I know,but it's not good wood,and plus I know i'd just scratch it up..
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    Stock "painting question..

    Really? how do you apply it?
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    Stock "painting question..

    As you might have seen in an earlier post I got a beat up savage rifle with a wood stock,I semi-refinished it,but was wondering if there was a "paint" that was durable and looked good too..
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    I think I got a good deal..

    After looking on this site I thought getting a long range gun for varmints would be VERY costly,and since i'm on a budget I haven't been on here in a while.I was at my local gunstore and saw a heavy barrel,picked it up,it was a 220 swift savage single shot with a HUGE palm swell...
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    Mauser Long Ranger?

    I have a mauser 98 action and was thinking of making a budget friendly long ranger,maybe a .308. Mostly target shooting (no competion or anything) and a bit of hunting. Are they accurate enough just to have a cheaper long ranger?I mean they were snipers way back when you'd think they'd be good...
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    Bushnell Banner

    Is it a good budget scope?
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    Mauser Tuning

    Does anyone know a gunsmith who tunes and polishes Mauser actions?
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    Mauser Actions

    Does anyone know a gunsmith who tunes and polishes Mauser actions?
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    6mm AI vs 243 AI

    Which is more accurate, more powerful, and just all around better?
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    Cheap Barrel

    Does anyone know of a good barrel for $200 or less?
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    Lightest Kicking 30

    500 to 800 yards
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    Lightest Kicking 30

    What is the lightest kicking 30 caliber rifle for long range shooting?
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    Best Scope

    What is the best scope for under $1000? Is Huskemaw a good scope?
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    Custom Rifle Build

    Tell me if these are good 26 inch Broughton Barrel 7.8 Contour Manners Stock's MCS-GAT Remington 700 Action Huskemaw 5-20 Drop Compensating Scope