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    Fastest 6.5 w/ 1k rnd barrel life?

    There are a ton of options to get the speeds you are after. My 6.5-06 AI with a 26” barrel tops out at the speeds you are wanting. It’s not a barrel burner and I get tons of life out of Lapua brass.
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    Can’t group CA Traverse 28 nosler

    Also try the Hornady Precision Hunter 162 Eldx. I have got fantastic results with this ammo on two different rifles that didn’t like the 175’s.
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    Left handed women...Geez. looking for rifle

    I have both a Sako and a Tikka in LH models. Honestly, I think I prefer to shoot a right hand gun left handed. I can cycle it just as fast and it gives me a clear view into the chamber without moving the rifle.
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    Why have some powders like R-26 disappeared?

    I’d be willing to bet there are multiple reasons, one being a government contract for Retumbo (300 PRC) and subsequent shortage. RL26 is a good substitute for Retumbo.
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    Case lube

    If I am doing more than 20-40 reloads I use the Alcohol / Lanolin mix. After loading it wipes off easily with a cloth or some people tumble (I don’t). If I’m doing a small number of loads or test loads or work ups, I use Imperial Wax. Same as the lanolin, I just wipe it off with a cloth...
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    Bullet puller? What do you have?

    I had a primer go off on me in an inertia puller and ruined a perfectly good pair of underwear. Never again. I now use a collet puller.
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    Dad's Biggest deer ever

    Solid buck - awesome job Dad!
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    Spotting Scope Recommendations For Hunting & Shooting?

    If you happen to be a veteran, Vortex is 50% off msrp for the next 10 days or so through ExpertVoice.
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    Optic help

    I love my Viper PST Gen 2. It’s clear, solid turrets and has performed flawlessly for me. If you happen to be a Veteran, they are currently 50% off msrp for the next 2 weeks through ExpertVoice. That puts the 5-25x50 at $599. Cheers!
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    My 10 year old continues to make me proud (cow elk hunt)

    Awesome hunt! The head on that cow is almost as big as he is lol.
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    Best bipod for long range shooting

    I’ve been using the Magpul for the past two seasons and I love it. It’s light, strong, and easy to adjust. It also accepts Atlas feet if you prefer those over what they come with. I bought mine in a hurry when the store only had the Magpul and Atlas in stock. I wasn’t feeling like forking...
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    Head Shot on deer, Good or Bad?????

    Self defense is probably the worst time to take a head shot. In that situation you will likely miss. Always center mass. With that being said, I’m not a huge fan of head shots. I’ve seen a head shot miss by 2 inches and pencil thru the cheek. Had it not been dropped on a follow up shot to...
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    Sfp scope poi change

    I only own one Vortex scope so far. I got mine for 50% off msrp through a Veterans discount and used it for antelope hunting this year. I was impressed by the optics and the turrets. Unless something drastic changes, I will be a fan for the foreseeable future.
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    1986 217" SE Idaho

    I saw more mature bucks this year in Unit 54 then I have in the last 15. I also saw plenty of mid size and forky’s as well. The concerning part for me is I didn’t see nearly as many doe. I feel fish and game has a hard time coming up with a solid strategy. They correct one issue and create...
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    H1000, Retumbo, N570

    You might also check around for 8133 Enduron. It’s a great substitute for H1000 and Retumbo. I found some locally at Cabelas.