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    Christensen arms custom 1 7wsm

    cheistensen arms custom one 7mm wsm Email me [email protected] for pics 3100 Detachable mag Approx 500 rounds down tube . Shoots amazing I shot elk and 700 yards. Carbon rhumbhole stock , timiney trigger radialmuzzle break and dies and brass included 3300
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Christensen arms 1911

    factory new, never fired 1911 titanium frame and Damascus slide. .45 cal Carbon grip upgrade 4500.00 Email me for pics
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 28 nosler

    custom 28 nosler some by Norbert costa of sure shot precision in Idaho. Defiaance deviant hunter long action Proof 28 in 1:8 twist carbon barrel Badger ordinance bottom metal Jewell trigger Manners t4a elite carbon fiber stock $4600.00 Broke in with 200 rounds down her No trades Email me if...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED .45 caliber Christensen arms Damascus pistol

    Factory new, never been fired by me, 1911 Damascus .., 4000.00 no trades .. email me [email protected] for pics and questions
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks lr1000

    I would really like to sell all together but might consider for 1850.00
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks lr1000

    Gunwerks 7mm lrm $7500.00 Proof research barrell Titanium action G7 5-22x50 scope Whidden custom dies Brass Custom turret Load data Email me with questions and I can send photos and group size pics [email protected]
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks LR -1000 7mm LRM

    lr1000 the receipt says july 2013 but thats when i ordered it i believe and i received it in jan 2014 i have shot 500 rounds thru it
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks LR -1000 7mm LRM

    factory target 200yards steel at 750
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    SOLD/EXPIRED chtristensen arms damascus 1911

    factory new never fired 1911 damascus slide titanium frame carbon fiber pistol grips 4100.00 email me with questions [email protected]
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks LR -1000 7mm LRM

    Price reduced 5800.00
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Christensen arm tfm tactical 338lm

    Like new less than 100 rounds down tube.. Comes with 1 carbon fiber 3 round mag. Has the new break 4300.00 rifle only Email me with question [email protected]