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    Ever had a rifle not shoot well with a brake?

    Brakes change the barrel harmonics. Go to David Tubb's Superior Shooting website and look at tuning his brake.
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    4000 FPS Bullet -vs- Texas Hog

    Nice video! Keep them coming. I shot 6 pigs last week at my deer lease here in Texas. Used the 6mmAR Turbo from Wheatly and the 90 gr Berger on one; and the 6.5 Creedmoor Christensen AR with 140 gr Speer gold dot on the other 5. Coyotes ate half of each of the two larger boars overnight. My next...
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    Custom 300 Win Mag

    You have a PM.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Semi Custom 300 WSM

    I will take it. See PM.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 Win Mag Dies and ADG Brass

    I will take it. sent you a pm.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 win mag long range

    I will take it.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 win mag long range

    How many rounds through it?
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    260 Remington Custom

    This is a Trued Remington action, 21" Shillen match 9tw stainless barrel, barrel contour is similar to Remington light varmint fluted. Weight with this scope is 8#. Built by Pete Pieper at Precision Barrel Works here in Texas. Shoots .75 with Nosler Partition bullets, slightly better with...
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    duplicate post
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    First ar-15...what scope?

    The low powers will work, but every time I took one hunting, I wanted for more than 10 power. When you are trying to shoot a doe and cant see the small 1" hardened antler, you will see what I mean. I have switched mostly to using ARs for the last 5 years. I prefer the variable powers in 3.5x15...
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    Can A Bullet Be Zipping Too Fast? Hammer 99 Hunter @ 3170 FPS On Hogs

    I consider 150+ pound hogs as thick skinned game. I have killed in excess of 60 hogs with a verity of bullets and calibers including the Grendel. I have not used it in the lighter bullet area, always 120 grain and above, never failed to recover any of these animals. I have killed a good many...
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    6BRX GA Precision

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    6BRX GA Precision

    Price dropped again $1,500 plus shipping.
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    6BRX GA Precision

    Lets reduce price one more time, $1,600 plus shipping.
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    6BRX GA Precision

    jd5521 Got it correct. Original was $1,800.

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