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    Mr. Fergus, After having to wait, and wait for my X-Bolt Pro's skinny barrel to cool between shots of 5 shot groups I agree with you. If you can shoot several good 3 shot groups from a brand and load of factory ammo or handload from a hunting rifle then that is a perfectly good way of...
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    Thanks guys. Interesting info here. I now feel that 18x is "enough scope" to 800 yards, especially after going to 1,095 yards on our club's steel range. IF I took an 800 yard shot with my 6.5 PRC it would likely be on antelope B/C my 143 gr. round would have enough energy to handle it. Mule...
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    Go to socks.

    I looked at the Foxsox website. LOTS of choices there for boot socks. I may get a pair of the Yosemite socks. Eric B.
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    Go to socks.

    Darn Tough is very good and durable. I like 'em. Eric B.
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    The LRH Annealing Article

    Breathlessly awaiting that comparo test - seriously. Eric B.
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    Medium range optic

    Yeah, I ordered that SIG Tango 4 - 16 x 44 and it was an ANCHOR! So I returned it to Optics Planet. Very nice in every other respect but I was putting it on a 6 pound 3 ounce 6.5 PRC Browning X-Bolt Pro mountain rifle and its heavy weight negated the rifle's weight savings. Eric B.
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    The LRH Annealing Article

    If you make that video last 30 minutes I could use it to put myself to sleep. Very clever annealer but I ain't half clever enough to build one. I'll have to make one a bit less automated. Eric B.
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    6.5 prc

    I'm shooting a 6.5 PRC Browning X-Bolt Pro with its skinny, fluted barrel, fluted bolt and bolt handle and carbon fiber stock. It's a mountain rifle at 6 lbs. 3 oz. After 5 fast shots groups open up to a full 1 MOA to 1 1/4 MOA. Great 1/2 MOA accuracy using 143. gr. Hornady EPD-X factory ammo...
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    The LRH Annealing Article

    After reading the annealing article and its links' graphs I have some questions: 1. What is the best-for-the-money annealing setup? (with moderate ease of use) 2. Which case brands lend themselves best to repeated annealing? (i.e Norma, Star, Alpha?) 3. Is case neck tension uniformity of great...
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    Bushnell ELITE LRTS 4.5 - 18 x 44 scope

    Yeah, the ATACR is heavy but full of the goodness that NightForce is famous for, like great glass, accurate turrets and amazing durability. You're spoiled! Eric B
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    6.5 bullet for Prong Horn

    I may just get a guided hunt for antelope in Wyoming B/C trying for a tag here in Nevada seems hopeless. Anyway with my 6.5 PRC X-Bolt pro I'll use the best bullet for long range which means anywhere from 143 gr. Hornady ELD-X, 147 gr. ELD-M and 153 gr. A-Tip or 153 gr. Berger Hybrid. To me...
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    Hunting Fire Burns

    Same thing here in northern Nevada. Biggest fire in Nevada history. I turned in my license for that area in 2018 due to the fire. Got "points" for turning in my tag that did not help in 2019 when trying for antelope tags. Eric B.
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    Scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars and range finders

    And what about BUSHNELL?? I really like their ELITE LRTS 4.5 - 18 x 44 with illuminated G3 reticle for long range hunting here in Nevada. It sits on my 6.5 PRC X-Bolt Pro. Eric B. huntintoo, SCOPE RING TORQUE SETTINGS: I have a WHEELER torque wrench and set my ring screw torque to 25 inch...
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    Warmest mens jacket for under $150?

    Duluth Trading Co. has some VERY nice fleece lined "canvas" nylon cargo pants with double knees. I use mine all the time for winter hiking in the mountains. Being all synthetic they dry fast if they get wet from snow. Eric B.
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    Boulder City Rifle an Pistol Club, NV

    Just east of Boulder City, NV is our club with bench rest ranges from 50 to 200 yards on paper and 212 to 1,095 yards on steel. Often when you see Shot Show tests of rifles it is at the BCR&PC steel range where these videos are made. The Shot Show is a very busy time at the club. Look up the...