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    Aluminum firing pin

    I was thinking 7075 which i think is harder.
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    Aluminum firing pin

    Would this material be acceptable for a firing pin or would it be too weak and fail? I figure it would probably wear at the tip. Any thougts?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED wtt wts warne 20 moa base for 0 moa

    This base has only been mounted once. My 7rum is just to flat with 139 hornadys so I cant zero at a 100. I will trade for any quality 0 moa 1 piece base. Let me know what you have.
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    REM 22-250 VSSF ll

    That remington has all the goodies box stock. It is essentially the same gun as a sendero just a short actions. I have 3 and they all shoot lights out. That guy is full of crap. Every manufacture makes a lemon from time to time but the senderos and vssfs are known for shooting out of the box...
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    The New Raptor is hatching.....

    Kirby, about your theory on vertical stringing. After you full pressure fire form are you neck sizing only or full length sizing and have found different stringing effects with either type of sizing? Also you mentioned: "after I lubed the bore" Does this mean you clean and then oil you bores? If...
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    Field Dressing

    I quit gutting animals I pack long distance about 5 years ago. I still the tenderloins. I will never go back to the gut method again. You end up rolling around in the mess and I see no point to it anymore.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB 300 RUM Nosler Brass

    The remington brass has crappy neck thickness and the Nosler has crappy primer pockets so I don't know which way to go. I have to do so much prep on the remmy to get it where I want it where the NOsler that I have got seems more consistent out of the box.
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    7mm Rem Mag or 7mm Ultra Mag???

    I get 3000 fps with a berger 180 with retumbo out of a sendero sf11 7rm. I hope I get more than 3100 with my rum.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Matchkings

    I'll take them. Please pm me payment info. Thanks.
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    First Head Shot @ 325 yards

    Nice shot! I have thought about that shot before and have never got the nerve up to try it yet. I can shoot 1" groups all day long at the range but I tense up every time I get a chance at a head shot. I should have shot a cow elk in the head at 90 yards last year but couldn't steady myself good...
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    germany vs america

    Uh.... You might want to watch the language.
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    Berger Bullets

    Contact walt berger off of their web site. He will forward some data for you.
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    Weatherby Free Bore?

    S&W Has gain twist rifling in their 460 magnum "X" Frame revolver and it is the most accurate revolver I have ever shot.
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    Hornady superperformance ammo

    lil tank: which caliber?
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    Why no love for the A bolt?

    HUH? I just drilled my ruger for a standard 700 base and it works perfect! This guns has shot 1 hole groups about 5 out of 7 range sessions. It is a .308 in a hogue full aluminum stock. OH and its the varmint target model with the target grey. This finish is my favorite out of any. It simply...