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    Case separation questions - .280 A.I.

    Is this the first time you’ve loaded for this gun? Could be a chamber issue. Also I wouldn’t do anythjng by feel. Pretty much all reloading issues can be solved my measurement. Sometimes I don’t even know what to measure- that’s why I love this site
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    I want a legit argument against an old trusted cartridge

    I have to admit I haven’t read 5 pages of replies. I love the 7 mag but the belted case made reloading a pain. I moved to a even more esoteric cartridge 280AI. That’s my knock on the 7mag. Belted cartridge
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    .280 Ackley Improved

    I seat mine .010 in the lands. 168vld
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    7mm bullet choices

    I also can't appreciate a slow twist barrel.
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    7mm bullet choices

    I have a GAP 280AI. I shoot 168 vld at 2900+ fps. They perform excellent on pigs and deer. I've killed two pigs with one shot several times, thus the penetration must be pretty good. I've never tried the long range Accubond as they came out after I had already developed a load for the VLD...
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    280 instead of 280AI

    168vld with about 59g H4831SC and a magnum primer. .01 in the lands. Cures what ever ails ya
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    280 instead of 280AI

    Brass is a big deal. Like someone said - I really only like to shoot calibers that Lapua makes brass for. That being said I anneal my brass (nosler) after each firing and neck size .002. I use my ack for hunting and target practice and haven't had any real problems.
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    Dixie Precision and the DPR Brake?

    Glad To help. They are a legit company.
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    Dixie Precision and the DPR Brake?

    I've got one of their brakes and shot several other guns with them on there. It worked fine with my gun. Others were banging steel so the accuracy was hard to pin down. I always worry about turbulence in that chamber but I have no idea if that is a legit concern or not. I also have one of their...
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    7mm Rem. Mag. and 180 grn. Bergers???

    Looking back on it now I believe my problem was with not annealing the necks of my brass. 2-3 firing was a lot and with that much powder I probably should have been annealing after every other shot. I have way too many great groups with this load so I suspect the problem was either with me...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Georgia Precision 7WSM

    Nice gun. the GA in GAP isn't Georgia but gnat's a**
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    I just cant eat this.

    JE if you want to take it to the next level mix a good bit cinnamon in with the flour. Fry it like you do then sprinkle with lemon pepper when it comes outta the grease. Also the best thing I find to soak the breast in is super salty water. Change it out when it gets bloody. I usually soak it...
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    Spin Drift and Acceleration

    Yes to level. I usually use one mounted to a picatinny base but seeing how Ihave a two piece base I have had to settle on the type of level that mounts to the scope.
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    Spin Drift and Acceleration

    Spin and Coriolis Drift 11.5" at 1000 is more than I expected. Not sure what caliber, MV ect. I dialed up 7MOA for my shot and held middle of the shoulder. Not much wind from 7oclock. I'm ok with shooter error if that is what it is. It seems the consensus is that 1-2 clicks a most for drift.
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    Spin Drift and Acceleration

    So very true with the wind. The Mississippi delta is flat. Very flat but occasionally the wind settles. What wind there was that day was coming from the 7oclock. Could have been a few MPH in there. Usually are. The app I used was the Ballistic AE app for the iphone. It shows 1.53"@425...