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    Want To Buy CZ 17 hornet varmint .

    Been one over on
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    Thinking about a 204 Ruger

    Just so some poor soul doesn’t go searching for “39 Hornady” bullets: Did you mean to say Sierra, as in Blitzking? (Although I’ve never found them to be cheaper than Hornadys, which are 40 and 32 grain.) I’ve long-regretted passing on one of those Remington XR-100s in .204, but already having a...
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    Looking for a Savage model 25 in 5.7x28

    Had me scratching my head too, then remembered those Savage Model 25s were originally intended to be offered in that chambering for FN pistol ammo. Pretty sure Savage never followed through, though; rare as hens’ teeth if they’re out there....
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    WTB Remington Sendero .223

    Know what you’re wanting, but fwiw Remington never made a short-action Sendero per se. The VSSF and 5R models are the closest to what you’re looking for, although the stock colors (dark green vs. black), barrel fluting and material, etc. may vary, depending on model or year made. In recent...
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    Favorite Varmint Bullet

    Agree with the above statement claiming the 70-grain bullets seem to be the “sweet spot” for 6mm varmint bullets; I use either Sierra Blitzkings or Nosler Ballistic Tips in that weight. Regarding the Hornady V-Max: IME - similar to performance in the smaller calibers - they tend to splash more...
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    I shouldn’t be this happy about this new yote gun, but I’m ecstatic! So

    Love that tung oil. Among other things, I use that pure tung (not the varnish-ey stuff sold in hardware stores) cut 30% w/mineral spirits on the veneer of my vintage JBL speakers. It brings out the grain better, with more “depth” than the recommended linseed oil; more durable, too. Never thought...
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    I shouldn’t be this happy about this new yote gun, but I’m ecstatic! So

    Great choice. Yeah, those 783 Varmints are getting great reviews; I’ve seen tests on two (.22-250 and .243) and both shot under an inch with factory ammo. Along with the features stated, I like the big bolt handle and metal dbm. Of course, barrel changes will be a snap and I believe at least one...
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    204 ruger 1 bullet for all your hunting .

    Has anyone tried the new Sierra Prairie Enemy loaded ammo? Haven’t seen any sign of those 36 grain Blitzking bullets being sold separately.
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    WTB 223 wssm.

    Been a Winchester 70 in that $ range over on Rimfire Central classifieds for a while. Also, am thinking I saw a .223 WSSM Browning listed in Cabela’s/Bass Pro used rifles, possibly in their Mitchell (SD) store; at one time they would ship between stores if one showed real interest.
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    19 Calhoon

    “Needing” something to slot between my .22 WMR and beloved .221 Fireball, I bought a .17 Hornet a few years back but wasn’t too impressed. I then bought a CZ 527 in .22 Hornet, intending to someday have it converted to .19 Calhoon. Hasn’t happened yet, but nice to know James is still out there...
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    would like to sell as new gun

    Oops. Thought this was the Varmint Hunting section. I must have clicked “Classifieds” by mistake. That price is a bit high for a used single-shot Cooper, btw.
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    Groundhogs really moving in this cooler weather.

    Do you think the report from that WSM is any less loud than that of your .22 Hornet? I’ve got one place I hunt that could use more than a WMR/HMR but even a Hornet is a bit sharp for shooting near (away from) the bike path the property backs up to. (Not that I’d normally care much, but a lot of...
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    Cooler weather ,groundhogs moving and feeding.

    357Mag: I’d say in about 6 weeks they will pretty-much be holed up, although the latest I’ve shot a groundhog here in Ohio is the first day of December. In fact, IMO prime ‘hogging season is just starting around here: They’re coming out of their holes after the hot weeks to fatten up for the...
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    204 ruger 1 bullet for all your hunting .

    Hey, thanks for the tip on AA 2520. I bought some to try in my Swift, but didn’t prove to be all that accurate. Been running the proverbial RL-10 and 39 SBKs in my .204 CZ Varmint and Cooper; will give the 2520 a try.