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    2 Left Hand Remington 700 Factory Triggers

    Do they come with the bolt release bar and spring?
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    300 RUM reamer, go gauge and dies

    Is the reamer a solid or bushing pilot & how much for just the reamer & go-gauge?
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    Or Trade 2 Pythons

    What is the price on your pistols?
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    S.W. Colorado 35 acres w/ home

    The property outside surrounding your 35 ac. is it public or private?
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    Or Trade 2 Pythons

    If you can't find your trade rifle what is your for sale price foe these fine snakes?
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    LH R700 Blueprinted SA

    What was done to the bolt face, looks like some kind of extractor cut, are the internal parts to the bolt there?
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    Trigger Tech "special"

    Left or Right
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    Lots of equipment and goods!

    Is the 300 RUM reamer a bushing style?
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    Trade: Unopened 8 lb jug of Reloader 26 for H-1000 8lbs

    Wish you were around W.KY
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    Hornady 6.5 PRC brass

    PM sent
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    Browning hell's canyon xbolt lr mcmillan ambush 6.5 creedmoor

    Wish it was left handed I'd be all over it. Good price.
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    Stiller sa predator action -left handed - mag bolt face

    Would like to see more pics of action. Bolt, bolt face, right side of action, did you use this action with a DBM?
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    6.5x284 LH stiller

    Would you be interested in spiting any of this up, would be interested in the action or barreled action?
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    Insite Arms 6.5 Creedmoor Left Hand

    Short or long action?