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    Rcbc 10:10 scale

    The bottom of the box says made in Mexico! The bottom of the scale says MFG. by Ohaus scale Corp. Florham park N.J. U.S.A.
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    264 Shillen barrel

    #4 contour 264 barrel. It’s a 28” stainless match 1in 8 twist. They are $329 on midway. I will take $300 shipped, at $299 I will keep it to prop open my extra bedroom door until I find something to build with it. I had a gunsmith go sideways today and I am going a different route or else it...
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    26 Nosler dies and new Norma brass

    26 Nosler dies and new Norma brass 50 pieces in ammo box. $100.00 shipped.
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    Rcbc 10:10 scale

    RCBS 10:10 scale in very good shape I have 4 scales and I don’t even remember ever using this one. $100.00 shipped.
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    Hybrid 100v I 6.5 x 284

    I used to use it in mine. Retumbo will get you more velocity and better temp stability.
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    264 Win Mag - Y would anyone want one?

    Roy’s rifle is not a 270 win. It’s a 270 AM. His first post he referred to it as a win but his later posts were referring to his AM.
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    HS Precision Rifles vs Cooper Rifles

    HS without a doubt. I’ve had their rifles and I’ve built a few with their barrels and they are really really good barrels. Cooper makes a nice gun but I can’t say enough good about H.S.. I don’t know why more people don’t use their barrels they are pricey but good.
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    MOA differences between Savage model 12 actions, and model 10 actions.

    I would guess it is due to the action not being trued, the threads are probably just not running parallel to the top of the action. I have a 700 that Kirby Allen trued for me and now I have the moa I should. Before I didn’t have the moa I should have had.
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    How much wind does it take?

    Wind at the muzzle will have a greater affect from what I’ve seen.
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    How much wind does it take?

    Wind at the muzzle will effect you more than at target because it can change the direction the bullet travels if that makes sense.
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    Rangefinder Issues

    I’ve not noticed any drop off in performance with a rangefinder, my battery’s are going on 5 years old in my vectronix and I can still range 4900 yards. My 10 year old licia still does the same it’s always done. I would replace the battery if you see it dropping off.
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    How to blowup your rifle

    Does this mean you don’t buy into the caffeinated retumbo theory?
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    230 Berger Hybrid B/C's

    If your 2100 yards is google earth measured like in your other thread than I would look to that as your culprit.
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    230 Berger Hybrid B/C's

    Your velocity looks like improved lapua case velocity. I don’t believe chronos are a bible by any means, however that seems pretty fast in an ultra mag. This is an ultra mag right?