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    SCAM WEBSITES - Beware of using Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Crypto currency for guns, it's against their policies.

    I wouldn't send the funds for a gun purchase via PP Friends and Family because that's like sending cash. Otherwise I like and trust PayPal. My refund experience has been with Wells Fargo and American Express. Both were very good with refunds on vendors that didn't deliver.
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    SCAM WEBSITES - Beware of using Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Crypto currency for guns, it's against their policies.

    Always use a credit card. By law, if you get scammed, the credit card company will fix it for you. I have had to do this a half-dozen times, including last month. It takes about a month to get your money back, but I never lost a dime this way. Other payment methods, like debit, may not have...
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    How much do gun goofs in books bother you?

    Don't blame LEOs. I'm sure he ignored or didn't understand what they told him. As I said in my post above, many writers refuse/don't want information about guns, etc. You can lead a liberal to information but you can't make him think.
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    How much do gun goofs in books bother you?

    Reacher Book One is full of unforgiveable gun goofs. Lee Child is a lazy writer, a former TV guy. (The first Tom Cruise Reacher movie is pretty good gun-wise.) Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch) makes firearms goofs in every book he writes, but I like his writing otherwise. No, I don't think...
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    AR-15 slop fix

    I waited months for Brownell's recommended lapping compound to go with their lapping kit. The quality Aero Precision receiver and Faxon .223 wylde pencil barrel I used fit so well there was nothing to lap.
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    AR-15 slop fix

    I have built 5 ARs. Two of them have the plastic tip set screw, Aero & Spartan. If I did another I would use the Aero receiver again. It's so nice in many ways.
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    Win model 70 question

    I had two pre-64 Model 70s, 30.06 & .308 (featherweight). They used the same length receiver, but the bolt stroke on the .308 was appropriately limited (shortened). Sold both (to raise house buying $), wish I'd kept the .308 -- sweet rifle. I now have a newer (2014) Model 70 in .270 WSM. I...
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    Well boys got scammed on gunbroker(possibly resolved)

    One thing mentioned above that has worked for me: Always use a credit card, direct or through PayPal. Several times I have taken a chance on a supplier I didn't know (in-stock-hard-to-find item/low price). Some were good, a few were worthless. By the time the charge was posted by my credit...
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    Sticky metals: In general, metal-on-metal works best with dissimilar metals. An example, early all-stainless semi-autos made with 300 series stainless steel. I presume the makers thought non-magnetic and rust-free, but the slides would weld themselves to the receivers. Another example was...
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    I went through basic at Fort Leonard Wood, Misery January - February, 1963. I crawled out my tent in the below-zero dark AM for a pancake breakfast on a stainless steel tray. My cakes froze stuck to the tray before I could leave the chow line. We were to hunt paper later that day with our...
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    Primer Question

    I was surprised to learn that some (many?) rifles do not have a spring to hold back the firing pin until it is struck by the hammer (like in a 1911). I learned this when I had my SKS trigger upgraded. The upgrade included a spring for the firing pin, absent from the factory. Then I started...
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    Side Arm for Grizzly Country

    Sorry, had a model 29 fail in a big-gun pistol match. Thirty-six rounds of full-factory loads and it went out of timing. Was worthless as a pistol, better as a hammer. It can happen.
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    Side Arm for Grizzly Country

    I've heard the most effective use of Bear Spray is to coat your handgun bullets with it.
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    Do you put anything between your rings and scope tube?

    Never thought I would regard some LRH members as ignorant, but I do today. Decades ago, Ross Seyfried was applying liquid rubber electric tape (probably 3M) to his scope rings, for the stated purpose of eliminating movement. The liquid rubber was black and came in a can with a brush. It's...
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    Help- I’m squeamish

    Help- I’m Squeamish Yes, the Amish get all the attention, but their close neighbors, the Squeamish, get none. I was born Squeamish, but I left PA and moved to California, where it's more comfortable for Squeamish people. The Squeamish don't talk to reporters, don't have cars, don't have guns...