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    Protecting rifle muzzle from weather on elk hunt

    I don't think sticking anything in the muzzle is a good idea. Not only is it an obstruction, something like a foam ear plug could absorb moisture, and cause rust inside the barrel where the plug contacts in a really short time. It might work well for you, but I wouldn't do it. It might prevent...
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    Need some R19 powder

    Hey all. I am need of some R19 powder. I know nothing is available anywhere right now, but if someone knows of a can or two in stock anywhere, please PM me with location/website. Thanks. ******edited at 10:05am Thanks to a member, I found a 5 pound can. After Hazmat and shipping fees cost me...
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    Protecting rifle muzzle from weather on elk hunt

    I have a brake on my rifle, and I use electrical tape. I use two pieces about 6 inches long, one goes top to bottom, one goes side to side, and then I use a piece about 8 inches long to wrap around the barrel and ends of the tape to keep everything watertight.
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    Cannot find large size, 14EEEE uninsulated hunting boots

    What about Lathrop and sons? Don't they make custom boots??
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    Weatherby Mark V Build?

    I had my .340 Wby Mk V rebarreled with a Lilja barrel, brake added, and cerakoted. It shoots 1/2 inch groups with Barnes 225 TTSX. Work was done by Rich Reilly at Hi Tech Custom Rifles in Colorado Springs, CO 719-667-1090. I was really happy with the result of his work.
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    Mil Spec trigger improvements

    I bought a Geisselle 2 stage trigger for mine. It made a world of difference. From what I have read, the hardened surfaces of the sear and trigger contact points are very thin, and if you polish too much, you will polish through the hardened surface. Not anything I wanted to take a chance with...
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    milligan Brand outfitters NM

    Congrats on a nice Bull ! I am up here now, my hunt starts on the 24th. It is really warm and dry. Local weather on TV said they haven't received any precip in 35 days. I hope to get some cooler weather.
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    Best optics Antifog.

    When I got my Swarovski El Range, and Z5 scope I called Swarovski Customer Service to see what they recommended. The CS agent told me that they recommend "Parkers Perfect" Anti fog. It comes in individual packs that are easy to pack or stick one in your pocket. The packet contains a one-time...
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    Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die

    The Larry Willis die comes with the collet and the die body. You screw the die into your die press, and put the collet over the brass, sliding it down until it contacts the belt of the case. You then lube the collet, then insert the case into the Larry Willis die and that resizes the portion on...
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    Two groups at same time? Same gun and ammo

    Yes I'm quite aware that the BAR is an auto rifle. The nut I was talking about is the nut that attaches the foreend to the rifle (barrel). Unless Browning changed them, yours could be different.
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    Two groups at same time? Same gun and ammo

    Check to make sure the fore end bolt is tightened to factory recommendation (I'm not sure what it is). We had someone come to our range with one (BAR in 30/06), and it was doing the same thing. Through exam, we discovered the fore end bolt wasn't tight. He tightened it up, and it started...
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    Bench Rest Seating Dies Stem cup is flaring

    Is it possible to post pictures of the affected pieces (brass, bullets, and seating stem?)
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    milligan Brand outfitters NM

    Your expectations are reasonable. Not sure which Ranch you will be hunting with them. I will be in the Chama area for my hunt which starts Oct 24th (Private Ranch). I spoke to my Outfitter a while back, and he said it has been very dry this season. The Ranch I hunt also runs cattle, and they had...
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    Swaro compare - EL vs. EL Range

    The EL Range do not have the "rolling ball" effect. I suffer from motion sickness, and the rolling ball (I think referred to as Swarovision or field flattening) would cause me problems. I have the EL Range, and can look through them all day with no problem. The glass is spectacular, to me anyway.
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    Automatic Dive Watches?

    OP, I have same taste in watches, and last year purchased a Tag/Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 5 auto (self winding). Paid $1400 new. Could have had the quartz (battery) for cheaper, but like the self-winding.