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    where can i get bluing done?

    Great to hear! Glenrock does a fantastic job of bluing and other metal finishes. We used them for many years up to the first of this year. We dropped outsource services this year simply because of the volume of this type of work we were doing and the logistic's issue that goes with offering...
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    where can i get bluing done?

    Phil Filing at Glenrock Blue does a great job. His "Factory Finish" blue is beautiful...his "Deluxe Blue" is breathtaking. I think he offers two levels above those!
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    M-14 "Bush Barrels" Limited quantity.

    Hi all, I wanted to post this here first before they hit our website. We have an over-run of 18.5", Medium weight (similar to our DMR weight) barrels for the M-14. They are all chrome moly, and will be rifled and parkerized in the next 2-3 weeks (Middle to the end of August), at which time I...
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    Ratchet Rifling

    We offer the Obermeyer Style 5-R rifling in select calibers (6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, .30 "Tight", and .308) and have found virtually no difference in velocity, accuracy, cleanup or barrel life between the 5-R rifling and our conventional 4 groove rifling in these barrels. I say 'virtually' because...
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    30 cal bore groove

    The .298" bore was designed for a bullet with a short bearing surface such as the 155 grain Palma bullets from both Sierra and Berger. If you start pushing heavy bullets with long bearing surfaces through a tight bore, then add the high pressures of one of these cartridges (RUM or Lapua) to it...
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    What should we make next?

    Hi all, As we are always looking for new products to come out with, it is sometimes hard to have the time to develop new products, test, evaluate, and release to the public in a timely manner. We would like to concentrate on one or two new things at a time so the R&D doesn't become overwhelming...
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    I would like to apologize to Mcgowen barrel for yesterdays incident

    When I read your first thread about this issue, all I could think of was "I've been the customer service guy on the end of those conversations.". It's no fun at all. We are a fairly large company as far as barrel makers go and we only have two fulltime Technical Service/Customer service reps in...
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    Kudos to Krieger.......again!

    Glad to hear you all are having such good experiences with our barrels. We are (admitedly) lacking on delivery times right now but are taking steps to improve that. The one thing we will not do is cut corners or rush the process. Our customers deserve better than that. Also, just a note, with...
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    Welcome To Krieger Barrels - New Sponsor

    I hope I fixed that to what you meant.:)
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Remington Model 700 Magnum long action

    A while back Midway USA was closing out their SS, Rem 700 LA/Mag actions for I think $399.00 Bolt, Rcvr, Trigger. No other metal. Check and see if they have any left.
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    Best cleaning rods?

    We use Dewey's in the shop with the exception of .17/.20 cal and the Looooong .50 cal's. For those we use Tipton carbon fiber rods. Either of these would be great choices. My own personal cleaning rods are Dewey's and have served me well over the years.
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    22-243 problems

    We've seen this happen with several barrel mfgr's tubes including our own. The combination of high velocity (over 3100 fps), overbore cartridges like the 6x284, 6.5x284, .220 Swift, etc, and fast twist rates for heavier bullets. Combine all of those factors with a bullet with a very thin jacket...
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    Welcome To Krieger Barrels - New Sponsor

    Thank you for the warm welcome Len! I've been a lurker here for a while and found this site extremely informative and it's members on the cutting edge of most of the new technology, cartridges, firearms and products that come out to make our sport what it is today. We are one of the many...