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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS 3000 Fed 215M primers,NW Ohio,Pick up only

    I have 3000 Federal 215M primers that I will sell for $100.Due to shipping regulations,I cannot ship these.I live near Lima,Ohio.
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    How do gunsmith's determine barrel length?

    I just had a 7mmWSM built by a gunsmith,I ordered a 27" barrel for it.The barrel measures 25" behind the recoil lug.The barrels exact measurement is 24 15/16".I questioned him about it,and he said he measures from the bolt face to the end of the barrel.Is this how all smith's measure their...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS-Exbal/dell axim,pelican case

    Dell Axim X30,loaded with Exbal, pelican case,2 spare batteries.Dell also comes with original owners manual.$130 shipped.
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    How does sunlight affect your POI?

    Yeah,I am definately experiencing "sun up,bullet up",I notice that regardless of the temperature.I think I will take the advise mentioned above and zero on an overcast day,and compensate on sunny day's.I shoot with a world record holding benchrest shooter,Tom Sarver,and he told me about "sun...
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    How does sunlight affect your POI?

    Where I practice shooting,I shoot East to West.I have noticed for quite a while whenever I shoot in the morning,my impacts are 1moa low compared to the evening,when I am facing the sun.I shoot distances from 600 -1200,and it's 1 moa,regardless of the distance,so I am assuming it's the sun...
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    Anyone here running a Bighorn action?

    Just curious if anyone here has any experience with them,they got my attention with some of the features on them.
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    Savage barrel and brake - Who can do the work?

    Kevin Rayhill has lot's of experience with Savages and the 7mmWSM.I think the 7WSM is his favorite cartridge.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 40moa base for Savage LA

    I had a 1 piece 40moa base made for a Savage Long action (round bottom),made by Murphy Precision.Made out of stainless.$100 shipped
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Defensive Edge ACI/ACD for sale

    Angle cosine indicator,anti cant device,good condition,works good.$145shipped.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50

    Nightforce scope w/ NP2DD reticle,great condition,well taken care of ,comes with original box,paperwork,sunshade,lens protectors.$1350 shipped.
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    Ranging with a reticle?

    I was thinking about changing out my Nightforce reticle to one that I can range distances with.Just curious,what kind of accuracy can you expect ranging with a reticle?What would be the farthest distance you could range with and be trustworthy?I have a good Lazer rangefinder,but thought it would...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Anyone near NW Ohio need Fed. 210m primers?

    I have 3000 primers I will sell for $40 per 1000.I can't ship them,so if interested in picking them up,you can PM me.
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    one piece 20MOA integral rings, savage long action?

    I had him make me a 40moa 1 piece base for a Savage,because no one out there makes them.He also offset the mounting screws 12moa,because my mounting screws on my reciever are not aligned with my bore,which caused my windage adjustment to be off centered in my scope when zeroed.He didn't charge...