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    Long Range Handgun Anyone?

    OOPS. MAKE THAT "good hunting"
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    Long Range Handgun Anyone?

    My favorite deer pistol was a Remington XP100 in 35 Remington. My longest kill was just over 300 yards. I have also hunted with T/C Contenders and Encores. Most accurate pistol was a Contender in 6.5mm Bullberry Imp. 1/2" groups were the norm at 100 yards with a Burris 3-12 pistol scope. Sorry I...
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    Fire starting material

    White man make big fire. Indian make small fire to keep warm.
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    Fire starting material

    Dryer lint with vaseline here. Also have some powdered magnesium and a ferro rod.
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    Federal Fusion

    When Indiana began to allow .243 rifle and .30 cal rifle to hunt deer, I had a Thompson Encore barrel that I received years ago that I never mounted. I did not have dies for a .243 so I purchased a couple boxes of Federal Fusion. End of story, they shot 5/8" @100. Went back to the store to stock...
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    Sub 2k long range hunting scope?

    Just received a Nightforce NX8 4-32x50 SFP. I will probably never use the 32 except on targets but the scope is nice. It is going on a 300WM that I am finishing. The 2.5-20 had a short tube that I didn't like so I went with the higher power. I also looked at the Leupold 3-15x44 VH5 HD but it is...
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    Blind mag vs hinged floorplate for serious hunting?

    I prefer hinged over blind but detachable is my first choice. Never had a hinged come open in the field nor have I lost a detachable. Blind mags are fine but to each his own.
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    7 mm mag bullet for Elk

    My last two elk were taken with a Sierra 160gr Gameking in a ruger No.1 7mm mag. One at 315 yards and one at 250 yards. Both dropped in their tracks. Both broadside behind the shoulder shots.
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    Rookie to Wyoming

    I have hunted prairie goats in Wyoming on several occasions. Yes you will encounter cactus. Just look before you leap and you will be ok. Some spots are thick with cactus while others are almost devoid of it. Take some good glass for spotting and a flat shooting rifle. Your shots will probably...
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    WTB RUGER 10/22 or 10/22 action

    No sir. Thanks
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    WTB RUGER 10/22 or 10/22 action

    I purchased a Brownells BRN 10/22 action for a build last year. Bull fluted threaded barrel. It will shoot under an inch with the right ammo.
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    308 ammo for elk (barrel length)

    .308 with 168 gr. Nosler Accubond or Hornady ELD out to 300 yards. Beyond that I would opt for 300 WSM or 300 WM with 200 gr projectiles. My longest .308 shot was 210 yards on a cow. My bull hunting brings out the 300 WM. Good hunting.
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    Where to start?

    My first hunt for antelope was 1970. I contacted local county chamber of commerce (Wyoming Campbell county) to inquire about private ranchers that allow hunting in my chosen areas. They were helpful and sent me a list. Most ranchers required a modest trespass fee and the grazing coupon on my...
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    Experienced elk hunters

    Only shot 3 elk in my years. Two from a sitting position and one in heavy timber with rifle resting against a tree. All 1 shot kills DRT. Good hunting!
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    Freedom arms vs BFR on accuracy 454 casull

    I own several FA revolvers including the .454. It will shoot 2" consistantly at 100 yards scoped. I also own a Ruger SBH Bisley hunter 44 mag. It is a 6" gun at 100 yards. Sorry, never owned a BFR revolver. FA are quality and accurate. My 454 FA also has a 45 long colt cylinder that is...

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