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    Give Away Contest - Gunwerks New Auto Reset Target

    Enter me in the Gunwerks reset target giveaway contest
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    Scope Contest

    Please enter me in the USO scope drawing.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Pre War M70 22 Hornet, M88 .308

    do you still have the hornet,if so what ser#&[email protected]
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    private SW MS 900 yds range

    900 yd Range in SW MS Where is your range?Is it @ Mesa or farther up.Palo Alto R&P club in Donaldsonville,LA has F class matches on 1st Sat.a chap in Ruth has a range also,dont know how long.believe hes an atty in McComb,shoots F class w us @Palo Alto.Thanks.BEST,kim
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 actions for sale

    any bottom metal,mags ,triggers on SAs?thanks
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    Have a 10X43 Vulture,int.adjustments,blue worn on turret caps
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700P

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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700P

    700P,7mmRM,NIB,26"[email protected]
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Stock for Rem 700LA Factory / custom

    was there last night,used to varmint hunt hickory-abita.just realized its a SPS thought PSS.need a heavier stock for a 7Mag P.starting Fclass.BEST,kim [email protected]
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Stock for Rem 700LA Factory / custom

    Where in bayou country are you?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Junk Swap (last go-round)

    Dave,rather not have the coated Barnes.looks like were down to 243 die set&leupy bases.what would you like for them?thanks.BEST,kim
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Junk Swap (last go-round)

    Dave, youre welcome!didnt know how else to thank you for all your trouble.ill take all the barnes 180s ,if no one wants the 165-68s,ill take them you still have the wilson 243 dies #28?how much? getting too deep into F-class.thanks again .BEST,kim
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Junk Swap (last go-round)

    Dave,just let me know what 30 cal bullets you have left that IEH doesnt want .looks like hes picked the same ones i did but some others might work esp heavier Barnes [email protected] ill re-peruse your list BEST,kim
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Junk Swap (last go-round)

    Dave,well take both leupy S/A bases+#30,31,32,35,38,39,49,if IEH doesnt want.thanks.BEST,kim