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    Tell us about your 2017 plans for backpacking

    I forgot to mention we will be doing backpacking day trips only!! Its going to be the scenic and photo shooting trip !!
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    Tell us about your 2017 plans for backpacking

    Vacation to Yellow Stone for our first time in July ugh !! Can't wait !!! We've never been there so this is definitely a get the feel kind of trip. We'll be traveling from Arizona we're hoping to get some fishing in while we are there and on our way up thru Utah or the way home if anyone has...
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    Trout fishing in Utah

    Cool thanks for the info, that helps we'll give her a shot
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    Trout fishing in Utah

    Hi gents I'm taking the family on vacation into Yellow Stone this summer and we'll be going thru Utah. I'm trying to figure out where we can fish for trout were not big fly fisherman but enjoy trout fishing any advice would be appreciated thanks !
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    Berger 140gr for .264 Wim Mag

    I would go with H4831SC or the H1000 first they're are both temp stable powders, I'm also a Arizona shooter and we hunt in a lot of heat at times , good luck !!!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Silver vx III.

    send me pics please , 520-404-7062
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Berger Bullets

    I think your going to be fine distance is always key to your accuracy then follows confidence. Just limit your distance for trial and work from there . I personally love them, using them in bigger calibers is always a plus for error I know I've done it no BS... Good Luck !!!
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    280 Remington 1,780 32" steel plate. Is it a record for the 280 rem?

    Congrats nice rigs !!! I'm a 280 shooter also good shooting
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    What is your best deer rifle

    what do you shoot out of your 280rem , I'm still working on mine
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    What is your best deer rifle

    what do you shoot out of your 280 out of curiosity ?
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    What is your best deer rifle

    if you don't mind me asking what do you shoot out of your 280rem
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    SOLD/EXPIRED I need Berger Classic Hunters in .243/95g and .308/ 168g

    I do, I know at least a box and half im not home rite now, lol in 243 95 classics
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    Len's Three Backpacking Trips On The Teton Crest Trail In 2016

    Great pictures and what beautiful country. I'm new to back packing in for hunting so I really liked how you detailed info on your equipment . I'm the same way for exercising so I really love hiking as to going to the gym. Thanks for sharing Len:)
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    6.5 Creedmoor Build

    Nice that's a good looking shooter !!!
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    Accuracy=seating depth or tenths of powder

    John that's a good question obviously it matters because I see the same behavior on my reloading as far as bullet seating so I've been trying to correct it. looking forward to here what kind of feed back you get

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