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    Seeking advice.

    Another vote for Tikka in 7rm. Take a look at the Athlon ARES scopes. I bought one to try, and I have to say you will not go wrong. Whole package will keep you in budget.
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    Bull Elk This Morning

    Very nice--thank you!
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    The Wife’s first elk

    Very nice elk. Congratulations!
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    New Hunting Rifle - Please give advice

    I just bought a 300wm and my list was nearly identical to yours. I went with the Ridgeline shooting the 215 Bergers. Very impressed with how this rifle shoots.
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    Looking for a New Gun

    Christensen Ridgeline in 7mm rem mag. Easy to find ammo, brass, and will kill anything 500 yards and better. Shooting beyond 1000, get the 28 nosler, but under 1000, 7 mag all the way. The CA Ridgeline is a hammer.
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    300 Win Mag Load Development Help

    H1000 with Berger 215's are a beautiful thing out of a 300 win mag. My 300 is a new gun that I have just worked up a load with this combo. I have used a 7mag for years with H1000 and Berger Classic Hunters and this bullet kills elk faster than any other bullet I have used. A buddy of mine...
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    Thwoop after impact

    I will a distinct crack/slap when hit in the lungs. They don't go far after that.
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    Would you shoot this deer?

    Looks like a Texas heart shot to me.
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    I want a legit argument against an old trusted cartridge

    My 7 mag has put meat in my freezer for 25 years. It has impressed me more than a few times with knock down power and kill distance on elk. That being said, the tinker bug got the best of me and I'll be using a 300 win mag with 215 bergers this year, not because I need it, but new guns and...
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    New 300 Win Mag with 215 Bergers

    Yep. Started at 73.0 and worked up in 1/2 gr increments. Perfect barrel break in.
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    New long range elk gun

    I was in the same boat as you. Thought about a custom 300 win mag, hells canyon long range, Fierce, and the CA Ridgeline. Ended up with the Ridgeline and literally broke it in yesterday. Buy one--the trigger is awesome, it has nice balance, and it's a shooter. Worked up the 215 Bergers with...
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    New 300 Win Mag with 215 Bergers

    Worked up a load yesterday--ended up at 77.5g H1000, .020 off the lands, CCI 250 primers. Average was 2953 fps with no pressure signs. Very happy with the Ridgeline so far. Thanks for all the input!
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    Colt Python .357 w/6 in barrel

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    7 mm magun and 168 berger bullet

    In my 7mag I'm using 70.3 grains H1000 with 168 Berger classic hunters .060 off lands at sub 1/2 inch groups. Great combo.
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    7 mm magun and 168 berger bullet

    How is the accuracy with the 7828 and 168's?