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    Wanting a creedmoor

    Yes ,TC seems to have a lot of quality issues,especially since they're owned by Smith! I have a Venture that had the safety recall, but no other issues!
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    Wanting a creedmoor

    What about the Thompson Center Venture. I believe they now are made in 6.5
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    t/c dimension intriguement

    One issue is that you can buy a complete gun, for what the price of a barrel! And that's assuming you have the correct bolt for the caliber! If you don't have the correct bolt, it's probably over $400 for a caliber.!
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    What do you want to get better at in 2017???

    Learning to shoot past 100 yds! Pretty hard when ranges around only go to 100 yds. Don't even know where nearest range is that goes to 200! LOL! Ken
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    New to reloading and have question on seating bullet

    FearNoWind, Is it better to use the Hornady cartridge or one from your own gun(modified fire formed case)? Or doesn't it matter? Ken
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    New member from West Central Pa.

    Howdy jimbires, we're practically neighbors!
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    New member from West Central Pa.

    C.O Shooter, I'm in Brookville! Where are you located at?
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    New member from West Central Pa.

    Hello forum. I'm from West Central Pa., new to forum and hope to learn lots from the membership here and help others if I can. I'm new to longer range shooting and haven't done much but would like to learn and get involved. Thanks! Ken

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