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    Manners SA EH6

    That was my same thoughts about your stock. Haha. My build is coming slowly.
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    Manners SA EH6

    Then I just visited your backyard in Lorretto! I like how we just railroaded jpfrog post.
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    Manners SA EH6

    Dangerous combination. Given that tonight is Makers, I think’en ‘bout it. Haha.
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    Manners SA EH6

    Bourbon of choice?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Short Action Stock. BDL

    I am assuming since it’s a factory takeoff that the barrel contour is thin?
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    RL17 pick up only

    Wish I could help ya. But you are in Deep South TX.
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    win 308 brass and Die set for sale

    I will take item #4
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    I have several boxes of Winchester PDX Defender.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED MPA matrix chassis

    yeah, I can’t find a Davidson wrench for a Panda so I think I have to get that one. Thanks.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED MPA matrix chassis

    How do you like that action wrench there on your bench? I was looking at getting one.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS charge master 1500

    Can they fix a Frankford Arsenal?
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    Looking for a LabRadar

    I like my labRadar. But I do have a CED M2 chronograph that I can let go....