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    Long Range Rifles, LLC --- $1,000 Components Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In The Long Range Rifles, LLC Component Give AwayContest What a great idea! Thank you for letting me enter this contest. My last long range rifle was stolen from me while I was out of town. It was an AMU .300 Win Mag single shot mauser action with a prone stock and...
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    Bi Pods

    I always carry the Stoney Point telescoping bipod, when out in the field. The model I use can be utilized in the prone position or any other, including standing. This unit permits sitting/standing with the rifle shouldered for an extended period of time without fatigue. Since it does not...
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    Long shots for 'lopes with 30.6, what bullets?

    Re: Long shots for \'lopes with 30.6, what bullets? I have had a Ruger M-77 in .308 and found the Nosler 165 B-Tip worked great in it. The BC is high enough for great retained energy and wind resistance, while keeping the velocity high enough for reasonably flat trajectory. The terminal...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 4-Sale: New 50 BMG take-down rifle

    BTT This first-class rig is as yet unfired and factory new. Any buyers? Top accuracy and a Take-down, too!
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    Shooting position

    Another way you might concider steadying your shots is to employ a set of shooting sticks. The buffolo hunters of the past used them to good effect for long range, accurate animal shooting (maybe you could, too). With a rifle sling and shooting sticks, you will find you will be very steady...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 4-Sale: New 50 BMG take-down rifle

    BTT This First Class Rig is still available in unfired condition. Cheers,
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    What's your guys' way to estimate distance while LR hunting?

    Re: What\'s your guys\' way to estimate distance while LR hunting? If I am in "game country", I set up a range card and range locations (likely places where animals will show themselves) with my Leica 1200. It gives me the quality ranging I seek. I have found that mil-dots are great on...
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    CZ-527 and a hello.

    H-S Precision has a few good stocks for the CZ-527. I have a 527 and in factory configuaration, it shoots quite well. The test target that came with the rifle showed a 3-shot group that went 0.374 inches, shot at 100 meters. I like that. Last time I shot for group from my field rest...
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    Why Do We Hunt

    I hunt because I can hunt. These past few years, I have taken to hunting predators. In Arizona, I can hunt coyotes every day and can bag lots of bobcats and some cougars. To hunt herbivors, it seems, somehow, easy. To see them is to kill them. Predators, on the other hand, require a bit...
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    read this , it upset me

    JordanM, And what sort of smile do you wear? Cheers,
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 4-Sale: New 50 BMG take-down rifle

    This new and unfired rifle is still available; all components of this rig are factory new, including ammo, hard case, soft case, Badger Rings, and Nightforce scope. Cheers,
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    read this , it upset me

    The .300 Win Mag ammo that I was using while in the service carried a 190 Sierra MK at 1,550 fps at 1,000 yards. I would imagine that any .38 Special would be more than proud to have so much energy at the muzzle (then it "blew-up" from the heavy "proof" load). So much for exterior balistics...
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    How many actual snipers out their

    Oh, by the way, military doctrine (during my enlistment) was to engage at as long a range as posible to ensure the sniper team going home at the end of mission. Let terrain mask the report of the rifle shot. Set up range cards to "ranged" features, and so on. No big deal. Cheers,
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    How many actual snipers out their

    Well stated, S1. My longest night-time shot was about 800 meters with an M-21 (PVS-2 scope, had to hold above the left shoulder with the bottom of the bottom "dash"). My longest daytime shots with recorded, planned hits was 2.4Km (later map ranged), at an artillery position, scattering the gun...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 4-Sale: New 50 BMG take-down rifle

    Richard338: Many thanks for your response; I am an FCSA member and have posted there, too. No responses as yet. This is a brand new rifle/scope setup that was put together for real-deal security work and sport hunting. First class components, all.

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