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    .17WSM in the field!

    Tell us about the rifle
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    Hunting gear garage storage ideas

    I have 10' ceilings in my garage. I ordered some ceiling hanging shelves. They hold a lot of weight and has plenty of room for whatever you want to put on it. I got these from the Home Depot. These are 4'x6'. I have 2 of them. You can adjust them up and down according to your ceiling height.
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    Holland brake

    A rifle scope is the only way to go and you will really like the Holland brake.
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    Reloading room and gun/safe storage in a out building?

    I lived in Houston Texas for 72 years. The weather there as well as storms will be very close to the same as where you're moving to. If you think Nashville is hot and humid, wait until you get to Florida. The humid environment will be tough on your firearms and reloading equipment in an out...
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    long stalk on a killer groundhog.

    Very nice rifle. Are you shooting black powder? What bullet are you using?
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    New to handgun hunting

    Yes they are, my S&W 686, 10" barrel with a brake. 125 gr Hornady & H110 powder. Pistol built by Bayside Custom Gun Works 50 yards 100 yards
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    New to handgun hunting

    I zero off the bench at 50 yards. 1/2" to 1" groups are a must. I then go to my tripod setup I use and do my fine tuning since this is what I use in the field. Now I work in 25 yard intervals off the tripod. Take notes on the bullet drop at each interval as well as how many clicks to come...
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    What should my next Varmint rifle be

    20 Vartarg
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    OnX app question

    The best way to understand the layers is to look over the BaseMaps program. There are 5 or 6 areas of interest to choose from. Within those areas of interest, are the layers that can be added to your maps. Download the trial version and you can see all the layers.
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    OnX app question

    Yes it does. I has different layers that can easily be added. I don't know if it has all the features as OnX, but so far it has everything I need. Download the trial issue of BaseMaps and compare it to OnX for features.
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    OnX app question

    Let your subscription expire and try BaseMaps. You'll be able to get all the states for a much cheaper price. There's other mapping programs out there that are probably similar to BaseMaps that allow more than one state. Check around before you spend extra the money.
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    Wind meter

    As a couple of folks here mentioned, reading grass and trees close up and distances is the way to go. I used a wind meter to help me know how to read the grass and trees. Using a wind meter in the backyard help me gain experience. When watching the wind blow the grass and trees, take a...
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    Tripod Shot Positions and Western Hunting

    After using a ball head and a leveling head on my tripod, I much prefer the leveling head. For me the leveling head is much easier to use. The movement of one butterfly lever will lock or unlock the head for adjustment. I use the Leofoto LB60N. When I first started using it, it was not...
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    Tripod Shot Positions and Western Hunting

    It's a tripod shelf I made. Very sturdy. Google tripod shelf's and you'll find a bunch of them. I made mine after seeing one I liked. The specialty pistol you see is a 20 Vartarg. Great prairie dog setup.
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    Anyone been shooting

    I can no longer shoot prone and have found the tripod works well for me. If my back starts aching, I shorten it and shoot from a chair. I like shooting standing when possible.