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    SOLD/EXPIRED APS 260 Rem Sporter for sale

    Just curious , what velocity are you getting out of your hand loads for this caliber. Starting to look for another 6.5
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    Berger 6mm 105gr Hybrid on coyotes?

    If your shooting short range some will say , use a lighter bullet . But for me the 105 A-Max's have worked well at all ranges. Most of my shooting has been at 400 to600 yds. At this range the have performed flawless. They hit like atom bombs , best yote bullet I've used.
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    Berger 6mm 105gr Hybrid on coyotes?

    The Bergers work well on dogs. They will nock a half dollar sized exit hole at about any range . However I prefer the a-Max's . They will hit a yote like an atom bomb. I've never seen a yote take a solid hit from an Amax and stay upright . They dump em in there tracks and that's where they stay.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for 338 edge dies and brass

    I have a box of 50 nosler brass. I think half have been fired once. The others are only necked up. All sizing was done with a set of proper whidden dies. Sorry I sold the dies already but whidden keeps them in stock for a fair price. I'd sell the brass for $125 shipped . K redden
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS. Custom 6.5 Creedmore Stiller,Jewel,Krieger

    If you sell the BA. Please send me a quote on the chassis . Nice gun
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb 700 la bottom metal

    In need of some bottom metal for a 300 win mag. I need it all , bottom , box, spring and follower. Please let me know what you have.
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    Time for new coyote/target rifle

    You can literally watch the bullet fly all the way to the target with one.
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    Time for new coyote/target rifle

    Made the switch to 6mm and will never go back. The 6mm doesn't seem to blow big holes like I got with my swift, yet it hits em way harder. Don't know how that is possible but that's how it is for me. The 243 will be a little hard on barrels, but that's part of the game. I'm running a 6br for...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners MCS T4 For Sale

    I will take it just send me the info. Thanks k redden
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners MCS T4 For Sale

    Pics also please
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    6mm Norma BR set up

    I switched to a br a couple years ago and have never looked back. It is by far the best round I have ever seen . Your thoughts on how to set it up are almost identical to what I have. I have a ten twist in a 24" krieger #5 contour that won't shoot over a 1/2 in group no matter what you feed it...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 300Win Mag Stiller Predator

    Sure wish you needed a 338 edge, that 300 would fit my needs more