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    Minox 15x58

    Thanks for the reply Gary. My brother has a set of the 10x42 Minox very nice set of binoculars I have the Leica 10x42 and love them. I did have a chance to run into the big city and check out the Minox 15x58 I found them pretty nice but I have a set of Docter 15x60 and did not feel they were...
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    Collminating binoculars

    send them in and pay the price is what I have always done. Mine were Pentax. what brand are yours.
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    ? about Seeadler optics

    I have a riflescope 3-15x56 and a set of binoculars 10x42 by seeadler optik and my opinon on the binoculars is there poor at best I think your flushing your money if you buy them. The riflescope I kind of like. There suppose to be the worst glass in germany from the reports I have heard. the...
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    Minox 15x58

    has anyone given them a look through? any comments.
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    What Tripod 4 Bigeyes

    I think you would be better off getting a good one and you need one for the big eyes. I would also suggest the bogen it will hold up. With something like that you are better off getting the best tripod for the money.
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    What Binos for long range hunting?

    Now that is long range binocular. Great job I love it.
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    Boone and Crockett Coues deer!!!!!

    Wow great buck congrats.
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    coues deer

    I don't know Kirk Kelso personally but if you read or pay any attention to Coue deer you see tons of articles with Kirk in them. In Arizona he is a very popular coues guide I cant think of anyone that produces better results. Good luck wish I was going down there with you. ps let us know how you...
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    coues deer

    Has any of you guys tried hunting the Coues whitetail deer. I think they are about the perfect animal for long range hunting. Lots of glassing live in country that a stalk is almost impossible and if you do spot one chances are a stalk would take you hours. I would suggest giving them a try if...
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    What Binos for long range hunting?

    For long range hunting in my neck of the woods I carry several sizes of binoculars I carry Leica 10x42 I consider them mid-range binoculars I also pack around a set of 15x60 Docter Optic binoculars on a tripod and these I would consider longrange binoculars I also pack around a spotting scope. I...

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