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    Leu vx6hd 3-18x44mm 30mm matte illum sf b&c cds

    Received the scope today. Exactly as described. A great transaction with lgordee!
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    For the wine lovers.

    It certainly depends on the food and location! I spent some time overseas. Great wine to be had, for sure.
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    Fried perch

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    New member from louisiana

    I've got some family in Youngsville. It's quickly becoming "South Lafayette". There's basically no more division between the two.
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    New member from louisiana

    I always have to distinguish! Certainly wouldn't confuse the accent, though!
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    Do you prefer a hunting rifle with a detachable mag?

    I have both, and I enjoy hunting with both depending on the situation.
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    Need advice on Christensen Arms Rifle

    I don't have a Ridgeline, but I do have a Mesa in 6.5CM. I was shopping for a new hunting rifle, and I held a number of the popular 6.5's (Tikka, Howa, Bergara, etc.) In my hands, the CA felt the best and fit me perfectly. Consistently shoots ~.5 MOA, and I've been thrilled with it. I did hold...
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    New member from louisiana

    I thought I'd finally introduce myself. I've lurked around the forum for several months, but I thought I'd say hello. I live in Southwest Louisiana and enjoy deer hunting and waterfowl. I started reloading with my friends a few years ago and do some occasional 1000 yard shooting at steel with...
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    New member

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    Good day from s. w. colorado

    I'm new here, too! Welcome!
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    Don't shoot the Ducks!!