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    Powder for new 243 no varget

    IMR 4350 here. Would try H4350 but have too much IMR 4350 stocked up. Shoots heavies great.
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    AR Barrel chambering methods

    Thanks for the input.
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    Weatherby 6.5/300, 6.5 RPM & 26 Nosler

    I feel the bullet weight is the restrictions on extreme long range hunting. I haven't run the ballistics on the 6.5x300 but I think there are better choices. When I read extreme LR shooting articles and videos, people in competitions are using much larger cartridges. I still think the 6.5x300...
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    AR Barrel chambering methods

    I've learned that there are two basic theories for the two points about which a barrel is dialed. 1. Dial in muzzle and breach 2. Dial in neck and lead area, which then requires the muzzle to be clocked I'm working on an AR 15 barrel blank and want to locate the gas port relative to the lands...
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    Building a barrel vise

    Joe Pie has a good vid on dialing in precise angles.
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    Looking for gun smith for rifle build near Boise ID

    Buckhorn in Boise RK gunsmithing in Nampa Elite Rifle works in Nampa I think Impact guns has a smith as well but never been there.
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    Stripping down a perfectly good rifle??

    I don't like to mess with or loose a good shooting rifle. I have a savage I wanted to do a barrel swap system with but it shoot so well that I don't want to touch it. For 'mess' with idea, I would wait for a good sale on an rem 700 and then strip and sell as many parts as I could, blueprint...
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    Are the best presses for minimal run-out necessary?

    I agree, there is more that goes into concentrically than just the press. I found that seating the bullet in three small steps and rotating the case as I did it significantly improved runout.
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    Teslong borescope issue?

    sometimes the app on my phone wigs out. I just close all other apps and reopen with no problem.
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    Are the best presses for minimal run-out necessary?

    I did a review on this site for the MEC Marksmans press and using the same dies and loading steps, it had better runout than my RCBS press.
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    Rust preventative for your presses?

    I agree that no wet lube should be used in the powder drop. Strip it, clean it, and wipe it down with a dry cloth. I don't lubricate mine. I use Tri-Flow on my press. I use Fluid Film on my machinery when I want ultimate rust prevention.
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    Teslong bore scope???

    I have one and upgraded to it from an ~$20 product. The Teslong is about the same quality but has a couple advantages. It has a smaller diameter camera which I can use on my 20 caliber barrels. It also has a short focal distance that actually works with the angle attachment. I had the mirror...
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    What’s your favourite hunting arrow?

    On slower bows I've shot the Easton Flatlines and the Victory VAP arrows. When I moved up to the speed bows, I could shoot heavier arrows even faster. So I switched to Easton Axis. Loved the wind bucking abilities of the smaller diameter arrows. However, I didn't' like the fact they didn't...
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    6mm Dasher

    I built an ultra light (<5.5 lbs) with an Accurate Mag DBM in 6mm Dasher and love it. It has a 24" barrel and my node with the 105 Bergers is 2950 to 3000 fps easy with no pressure. It was a lot of fun fire forming the brass with the cream of wheat method. I chose the 6 Dasher over some of...
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    Help with stiffening a stock

    I've done the carbon arrow method with great success. Takes a bit of time to cut the stock such that the arrows are arraigned nicely. Then I used JB weld to pour in around them to set them up. Roughened the outside of the arrow shafts with sand paper for better bond. There was no torsional...